Thoughts on Stigma

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"I wrote an article to someone recently regarding my beliefs on a number of issues, particularly therapy, odd drugs and interacts with what I will term “internalised stigma”.

In contrast to some who would conjure up medical terms which pathogolize sexualities or which may be easily misunderstood by any layman. Internalised stigma adequately describes the sensation of existing in a hostile society which rejects every fiber of your being. When the stigma, shame or internal rejection is weakened, so too as hostile instabilities and even other mental issues you don’t normally realise are connected to that. Or in the case of depression, even realize is there.

Stigma works in many ways. Some individuals I have quizzed on sites providing purely legal content confessed to deliberately making themselves suffer with hormone reducing drugs to punish themselves for the evil they are. And that they deserve every bit of suffering. They have stated being deeply depressed and otherwise agreed with my assessment they would be better off without the negative tones. But, decided to continue as a sort of penance.

Some have a highly unrealistic fear of “offending” despite having no indicator of this being a potential risk factor, I surmise part of this risk is from having had an absence of a legal outlet (which they had since gotten access to) and stereotypes put forward in the media. One of the first things I tell someone is they are very capable of preventing themselves from committing “contact offences” and there is a thick wall between fantasy and reality.

I have never had any fear of committing any sort of “contact offence”. But, I also have a very solid grasp of fantasy and reality. Due to a matter of happenstace, I managed to avoid the full brunt of societal stigma in every area. Although, stigmas have certainly affected my psyche and psychological well-being in other ways. Connected to stigma is the concept of legal consequences which can have odd effects on some individuals. For instance, when I was “aware” a piece of content was illegal, sexual compulsivity increased, as did the obsessive factor involved in it and unwanted intrusive thoughts. When I learned it was legal, these factors vanished entirely and self-control resumed. In fact, due to stigma, my default assumption was to assume using anything related to kids for private sexual satisfaction would be unlawful due to pressure from the media and societal stigma. It didn’t require a single piece of legislation, simply perception.

Due to stigma, some may force themselves away from any content, no matter how legal, and the frustration of not having any content can further fuel the internalised stigma connected to themselves in an endless cycle. It was said by the New York Times that many contact offences take place before viewing any content. Although they did not have the best example for this. This is highly irregular and unusual. But as someone with experiences of doing this in various forms and formats, this may be one possibility as to why this comes about.

Due to stigma, anything even vaguely related to pedophilia may be censored. For instance, even fictional or computer generated material, which may be legal in the country a company operates may be censored. References may be censored. Links may be censored. This can reduce options for safe outlets. And stigma from society may mean they never discover it at all and are forced to consume content which triggers their internalized stigma harder as a substitute.

I will write a succeeding post on this but this should be enough to cover the bases and spark discourse on the matter."

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Most peaple are disgusted and offened when they think of “children in a sexual context” so they assume that there must be something wrong with anyone who is attracted to children. Becuase so many people think that way no one will tell them to calm down and that its just fantasy or fiction. If you stigmatize some one for liking kids then you must also stigmatize someone who likes voilet movies. In real life killing someone is bad just like rayping kids but only one gets hate. To win we take controll of the scientific establishment and other places where people will think rationally. Then the educated will spread there truth through the media to reach the masses. It will take a while but its how social thought changes.