TikTok bans private messages with under 16s to prevent grooming

What next? You’re under 16? Can’t register.

Should have banned all under 18s.

How do they plan to enforce this?

Do you happen to be a bot?

Age drop-down?

I like your avatar.

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Why do I need it? I’m sure it’s can be useful.

Does it actually help, though? They’ll just start lying about their age.

But that would be against the TOS! /s

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wait - you’re Dean from NNIA, right?

Yes, that is correct

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Welp… if it’s what has to be done, let it be done. Personally, I’d rather them completely disable messaging entirely since direct messaging doesn’t seem to be too much of an imperative. But that’s just me.

It’s honestly very disappointing that it even has to come to this. During my youth, the Internet was very different, as was social media, at least in terms of who was using it. All the same features and integrations were still there, and every kid on the block had either a MySpace or LiveJournal account.

Thing is, we knew better. I’ve probably gone on a tangent about this before, but my mother made damn sure to educate me on computer literacy and Internet safety before allowing me to use our computer. Basic things, like:

  1. Don’t give out your real name, location, school, or address
  2. Don’t upload or share images of yourself with strangers
  3. Avoid anything involving naked people
  4. If someone or something is making you feel uncomfortable, close the page and talk to me about it

I suppose a couple of these aren’t really viable anymore, considering how prevalent social media has become. But they’re still valuable rules to live by, especially if you’re a minor on the internet.

If I had children, I wouldn’t let them use the Internet until they’ve proven to me that I can trust them to be safe and be smart.

well, maybe “sexualizing children” is a very -{fill-in yourself…:wink: } topic, but I don’t see anything else to be the whole motive of TikTok… :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:
but I’m ok with ppl disagreeing with me on that