To attack trans women, they have to go back decades since they raped someone

TERFs are angry at several trans women and drags up the fact they raped children SEVERAL DECADES AGO!

Like I know it is henious but after a while, you have to ask “did they do any more rapes”? The answer is no. This seems to happen alot with people who get out of jail but don’t comitt any more crimes; no one believes that they can change or won’t do the same crap again.

They feel the same about this trans woman, calling her a convicted child rapist when in reality she wasn’t convicted of that at all! She helped cover-up the crime it seems, but she didn’t go that far!

I am sick of TERFs thinking that every transwoman is a child molester!

Sorry for ignoring this.

Trans individuals deserve to be treated the same as any other person, and it does nobody any favors to discriminate against them or promote stigma towards them.