Trans children aren't new: an interview with Jules Gill-Peterson

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“We have not even yet begun to ask what it would mean to let trans children name their own desires and be recognized as entitled to direct their own affairs,” Jules Gill-Peterson writes in her groundbreaking 2018 monograph, Histories of the Transgender Child. The book attempts to take trans children and their desires seriously first…


Excellent and very constructive interview!


“Why can’t a 14 year old make decisions about their body? I just don’t see any rational argument there other than a political one, it’s about the control of young people. And it’s the way in which under American law, children are essentially treated somewhat, not entirely, but somewhat analogously to property.”

The minimum age of consent in the US is 16 (not counting Romeo and Juliet exceptions), almost all states require a person to be 16 or more for a driver’s license. The FAA will allow a 16 year old to solo in a plane, but will not issue a pilot’s certificate until 17, most states require a minimum age of 21 for smoking and drinking. Federal law prevents 18-20 year old’s from buying handguns or ammunition. And this doctor thinks a 14 year old should have the choice about major surgery and hormone treatments for a life altering (literally) decision without parental consent? Am I crazy or is he?

Gender Bender 3 Pervert??? - YouTube It’s frankly disheartening to see scum, like Lost Panda, whose main reason to obsess over calling gender-ambiguous fictional characters nonbinary pronouns is the belief that fiction affects reality (and then continues against lolicon). I have no intention of advocating for the cause of someone who is against me. I don’t martyr myself for the betterment of society. Never will. I’m always about making allies and enemies in a way that results in a tangible payout (obviously, in this case, it’s not about money) for me.

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