Twitter’s pedo-populism is a setback for prevention

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In October 2020, Twitter released a substantially revamped version of its terms of service on child exploitation. Although most of the changes simply clarify its existing ban on content that features or promotes child sexual exploitation, there is one specific change that goes beyond this, creating a new and separate policy violation for “promoting or…

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Have you ever thought that maybe… you know… we don’t want you guys promoting your mental state as a… Identity? You wanna talk about the best ways to get help? I’m all for that. But you want to go around promoting it like a badge of pride? Kindly GTFO my platform. Thanks.

Perhaps, people don’t want you promoting your mental state where it isn’t welcome.

Ok, stop treating being a MAP like some kind of identity. It’s a brain problem, it’s nothing like being a sex worker, LGBTQ, feminist etc. When I see someone with the word “MAP” in their profile, I see that person as someone who is celebrating a brain problem.

Why don’t you talk to your therapist about your problems, rather than this board?