UK cybersecurity chiefs back plan to scan phones for child abuse images

Tech companies should move ahead with controversial technology that scans for child abuse imagery on users’ phones, the technical heads of GCHQ and the UK’s National Cybersecurity Centre have said.

So-called “client-side scanning” would involve service providers such as Facebook or Apple building software that monitors communications for suspicious activity without needing to share the contents of messages with a centralised server.

Ian Levy, the NCSC’s technical director, and Crispin Robinson, the technical director of cryptanalysis – codebreaking – at GCHQ, said the technology could protect children and privacy at the same time.

“We’ve found no reason why client-side scanning techniques cannot be implemented safely in many of the situations one will encounter,” they wrote in a discussion paper published on Thursday, which the pair said was “not government policy”.

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Good, lets make it impossible for people to collect or download this stuff.

There are ways of accomplishing that which are more effective and don’t require letting the government and tech companies have unrestricted access to people’s data.

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Show me an article of a “non carceral approach” to csam that is not written by prostasia. as i said i do not trust you guys at all.

I haven’t made up my mind about this, but ive already made up my mind prostasia is a shady organization. also, assuming non carceral approaches are preferable, being able to monitor all phones for csam makes it easier to force larger volumes of people into court mandated therapy. what percentage of the human population were csam offenders within the past 3 years? 4%, 6%? ive read these are conservative estimates. to hold even 50% of them accountable unfortunately requires monitoring of phones.

Don’t trust the article, trust the research linked in the article, which isn’t from Prostasia


this is a dangerous and unacceptable violation of privacy (which is a human right).

If your “solution” to protecting children includes violating the rights of human beings, your solution is wrong and you need to come up with a different solution that doesn’t violate human rights. (Especially when those human rights violations will mostly only affect marginalized populations like sex workers, lgbt, or disabled people)


Show me an article of a “non carceral approach” to csam that is not written by prostasia. as i said i do not trust you guys at all.

It’s easy to just punish people instead of putting forward the information beforehand in the form of sex education to teach people how to avoid those situations in the first place. Easier to lock up your kid’s PS4 for failing their test scores instead of teaching them why grades are important isn’t it?

Hell, there’s literally research written by other people who Prostasia is REFERENCING and not writing themselves. Just proves you’re more interested in large, unverified clickbait titles for sources of information than actually putting in the time to understand what Prostasia is actually trying to do.

Either commit to try and understand how Prostasia operates (as you claim you do) or go fish your damn bait elsewhere.