Unbased copy-paste answer from Ministry of Justice regarding fiction

Does not even remotely answer my question and contradicts the government stance. This answer makes you wonder why possession is even legal lmao.

Please use a translator, but in short summary:

Question: Will you also re-evaluate recognizable fictitious content? Freedom of expression? Context does not matter, so even fantasy creatures could fall under this law.

Answer: CSAM needs to be punished hard, but last reform was bad. (Talks about how mothers got sued bla bla). Fictitious pornography is not the usual therapy method (was not my question) and it could lead to “fixation” and thus lead to abuse (KekW).

My question tackled freedom of expression and fantasy creatures and how stilistic choices can make it illegal since cartoon characters look younger due to the medium itself. This is pretty much the most liberal party in Germany and if even they talk repetitive stuff like this without even saying “we will ask experts” since I asked for a re-evaluation then it is never gonna get fully legalized. I genuinely believe they do not know how popular and available such media is.

Anyways, I asked a follow up question saying that the answer is avoiding my question by virtue signalling and how is anyone supposed to fight such media if available everywhere and why is possession even legal then? Why ignore the supreme court mention? Thank me later should they make even that illegal now lmao.


Here is my second follow-up question that was just approved:

Would be nice if you can enter your mail (need to confirm by clicking a link you receive) it then shows how many are interested in an answer. Someone asked a question if porn can help offenders and they just copy pasted the answer from that onto mine which is bad. Thanks

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