Underage models in the art and business of fashion

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In 2018, Vogue Magazine and its publisher Condé Nast announced a new policy that no model under the age of eighteen would be photographed for editorial shoots. Vogue’s policy isn’t binding; it is an attempt at self-regulation, so other fashion and media houses can agree with it or not. But as one of the biggest…

From a scientific perspective, the most attractive ages are usually between 18.4-25.1 years of age for women. 19.7-26.6 years for men. I find it baffling that they keep using minor girls for sexualized shoots. Doesn’t this run into potential grey area of child pornography laws? Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition of the genitals is what they need to really worry about since they can be quite vague around the edges of the law. IMHO, just avoid the fucking issue all together and shoot 18+ men and women.

If we are going to photographs of kids, age appropriate please. Stay away from the grey areas of child pornography laws, unless you want to be standing in front of a firing squad.

Recently there was a movie in Germany where they used CGI to “undress” an underage actress who was filmed with clothes on.

Don’t know what really think of it, but if it makes kid actors more comfortable then it works. If we’re going to put a real kid in embarassing situations then I don’t think it’s worth it, we have good enough technology to create “fake” kids adults can do whatever they please with them.

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People who do crap like that should be liable for restitution immediately without the need to go through civil trial. I’d sue faggots like them.