Underfunded Finnish Program?

According to Finnish news articles, and a E.U. Report, the Finnish “Sexpo Foundation” has an “abuse prevention” program which is currently “underfunded”. Last I heard, the primary source of funding for it was the Ministry of Justice. Prior to this, it was a social ministry.

The articles are disturbingly conspiratorial, they spoke of “many potential criminals”. Pre-crime programs like this were the progressive equivalent of QAnon and very likely make therapists unwilling to work with people based on vague “thought crimes”. Fortunately, such views are far less prominent now.

So more useless news?

On the contrary, it is very important. I’ve noticed Finland gets romanticized as a progressive wonderland. Certainly, there are positive aspects to the country. Then, there are more negative ones. You shouldn’t assume anywhere is “safe” and fight tooth and nails against authoritarian ideologies. I told you “Arica” is associated with the police. This is true. If you spent a bit of time to dig deeper, you would have discovered it is the Finnish police.

I don’t see it as particularly surprising that a crime prevention project would talk about potential criminals in their promotional material