Updated CSAM Deterrence Campaign Page

Hi all,

As the Project Coordinator for Prostasia’s CSAM deterrence campaign, I wanted to share that the webpage regarding that project has been completely rewritten to reflect the project’s growing scope, our updated advertisement wording, and the impact that we’ve already had engaging and redirecting individuals searching for abusive content.

As always, please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions in the replies.


I went to the deterrence page and noting that $0 of the goal of $2,000 was present, I thought I would kick off the donation drive even though I am a member. However, the total didn’t update. Does this take a while or is there something wrong with the page?

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Hmm, I see the donation as having been processed so I’m assuming there’s something wrong with the counter on our end. I’ll bring that to our web team

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10-4, good buddy. filler

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The issue is “fixed” now. Due to the way it counts new donations, it won’t update until we go in and manually mark donations as completed. Donations are still going through, though, so feel free to contribute if you haven’t already. They’ll be reflected in the count eventually.