Upsetting Youtube video, Savantics, Twitter

I don’t want to direct link to it but there’s a video by someone called Savantics with the upsetting title “Twitter’s Massive Pedo Problem”.

Because this topic is sensitive and upsetting for me, I couldn’t stand to watch it. It stinks of immediate bias and ignorance on the topic being discussed. For example, I know the video starts with a joke clip of Chris Hanson, so right away they probably don’t even have a proper understanding of the word pedophile.

I know just recently a Prostasia advocate was wrongfully banned from Twitter, and so I thought I’d share that this video exists in case anyone else with a higher tolerance for this kind of thing wants to take a look at what they’re saying and maybe even try to educate them on the topic, but I don’t know that would even matter with this kind of person.

I want to be clear too, there are groups of people who advocate for child abuse and all online platforms need to tackle that entire issue better, but what frustrates me is that all MAPS get thrown under the same “pedo” umbrella, that that particular group is small and doesn’t represent the majority of MAPS, and I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it was partially made up of online trolls who just want to find the most upsetting things to say.

If this is in the wrong category, lemme know.

You did the right thing not watching that video. We need to be careful what we expose ourselves to and take care of our mental health.

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Thanks! Yeah. I hate that sometimes youtube throws stuff like this at me, and that the general populace of popular internet people are people who sometimes randomly go off ignorantly about this stuff.
Want to be able to watch fun stuff without being triggered by upsetting topics at random. Funny to me how people who attack artists etc are often saying things about how triggered they are by our art even when options exist to avoid it, but then don’t seem to think about how what they do posting ignorant rants might be just as or more triggering for some people!

I avoid watching such videos, but don’t expect proper representation of anyone.

Videos like to portray people as cartoon villains who behave in cartoonish ways, but these are often trolls (either trolling to make fun of the stereotype or trolling to paint people badly). There is no such thing as a cartoon villain anywhere.

From what I have heard from people who have reported such content, people who do commit crimes don’t really put a big label on their bios telling people that they’re doing so or any of these other labels and regardless of the person, gathering up in plain sight (sometimes without much anonymity) to commit crimes is a big legal liability to anyone and fr**kin stupid…

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Right? Well, there’s this post that goes around too I’d love to know the legitimacy of, where some of these supposed “pro-pedo” people have tattoos to show their orientation off with pride. I can’t help but think this is either a fake-news internet story that circulates every so often just to make people upset, or if it’s that MAPS have a pride symbol but it’s not connected with pro-pedophilia at all, in fact the opposite, like, “we’re non-offending and so not ashamed of who we are” type of thing.
I’ve never heard of any actual groups truly existing, but because there’s always someone who has done or believes something, I’m willing to believe a small group exists, though I can’t imagine them being very well connected or organized, as like what you say, they can’t really advertise themselves much.

Perhaps in the past, but certainly not now.