USA Today article

There’s a brand spanking new article on pedophilia in USA Today, pretty thorough and quite good overall. Nice to see a positive piece in a major publication. Seems like it’s been awhile.

# What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia


This is nice to hear, but it all depends on how receptive folks are to this “radical” notion that pedophiles need assistance, not discrimination. And let’s be real: people instinctually flip their shit whenever this topic comes up. The article talks about how pedophiles can’t choose their attraction, but can choose how to deal with it. The same can be said of antis: they can’t help but be disgusted by the topic at hand, but they can choose to swallow this disgust and actually listen to what the experts say. We can all make the conscious choice to make the world a better place; it’s just so unfortunate so many deliberately choose the opposite…

Also, hey Todd! I’ve made comments on your channel before. How’s it going?


Well said, prejudice can often times be just as atavistic as attraction. How we outwardly express these things however is what ultimately matters.

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