Vague Societal Ideas

Some brand of therapy where you can go in whenever you want and leave for whatever reason or any reason. You can get treatment for whatever you want, just depression or some side issue. Leave politics or stereotypes at the door. Don’t push whatever brand of politics one subscribes to. There is a lot of paranoia about being brainwashed. No unnecessary or unwanted therapy and obviously no brainwashing. Strict doctor / patient confidentiality, even if someone is committing a crime, if someone is viewing the illicit images that Prostasia calls “CSAM” (I am not very familiar with these new terms), then therapy obviously increases the possibility of them not doing that.

Get rid of the sex offenders register. The only reason it still exists is because of a debunked study which said that sex related crimes have a recidivism rate of 80% (I can’t remember the number exactly). It truth it is much lower and it isolates people from communities and generally makes them suffer making it more likely for them to commit crimes of all kinds.

Avoid over punitive penalties that only serve to make random people commit suicide, barely tackles the problem and fills the prison system with non-violent criminals. Prisons are not cheap. And people don’t break the law just to spite you. This might be changing in some places however as there are more and more one year community service sentences over spending 15 years (more than actually molesting someone, in fact child rape in quite a few first world countries is 10 years) in prison.

Avoid criminalizing every little thing just because a pedophile might find it “attractive”. I can assure you that “pedophiles” in the right circumstances can find every picture of a child on the entirety of the internet to be “attractive”. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to attack them, whether they do that or not.

Stop banning random things just because you find it uncomfortable. It would seem that political theater is in full force with sex dolls, literature, cartoons, etc. being banned one after another in more and more jurisdictions and people being forced to undergo “therapy” as a consequence and possibly going to prison.

Don’t go banning arbitrary kinds of speech, just because you don’t like it. Speech people don’t like is often speech that shines a light on all sorts of atrocities, injustices and all the times when society is ramming themselves head-first into the wall when the door is right next to them. This is the same principle of why Nazis, whose views I deeply loathe, are still a fixture of the web.

Speech can also be a social outlet of sorts, in my opinion at-least.

Recognize that depression and isolation can lead to heightened sexual impulses in order to give a relief from those negatives thoughts.

Recognize that isolating any group can cause very scary looking symptoms like this:

Recognize that cartoons aren’t necessarily just for kids. This is a very weird thing because in the West, people associate it strongly with kids, but there are plenty of adults who enjoy such things as-well and there are even ones with mature themes. This is a difference in cultures of sorts.

Recognize that someone doesn’t just put up “cartoons” purely for the purposes of “grooming”, but because they like to surround themselves with things they like. Recognize the apparently obvious truth that looking at small boobs on 20 year olds is not going to magically turn you into a pedophile. Neither does looking at flat chests and neither does looking at naked kids (last one not mentioned, but I’ll note that to make a point). I have no idea why some people seem to believe this.

You have many good points, friend. The solution, or at least the most essential element to coming to terms with a problem, involves acknowledging that we don’t have all the immediate answers or we have to be able to question our judgements and preconceptions. In order words, free our decisions from our emotional bias. It is most definitely not easy, that is most certain. Even I have trouble conquering my emotions regarding very volatile topics. Instead of balking at the first sign of trouble, it helps to understand the context and not jump to conclusions about things.

A way of bypassing parents for therapy might be good, preferably without crazy inhumane drugs that even U.K. doctors seem to largely refuse to prescribe on grounds of their personal morals.

Ah, what the heck, I’ll elaborate on this case further.

In this specific case, I don’t even really know what he did or how bad the impact was, but in some cases, touching someone like that can be very damaging with them self-harming (cutting up their own genitalia), possibly committing suicide and retreating from anothers’ touch for many, many years, possibly for life.

There are a lot of people who likely view images they shouldn’t and as a collective remind people that there are always things up of them, but unlike this, this is very, very direct and very, very damaging. It is a very serious crime and one charities have a tendency of forgetting in favor of counter-intuitive soft targets.

It shouldn’t be treated like some sort of joke that “minors just do”.
The circumstances behind it do matter to some degree however, it doesn’t always have the worst impact, although you never can be sure and chances are that it will. I won’t elaborate in detail.

This doesn’t mean they should die for what is effectively a mistake which they were clearly remorseful for, when they were a minor no less and introduced to new emotions.

It’s not surprising that it’s the sister, as it’s often a family member and usually when people are asleep. This really could have been handled better, privately without the family getting involved and preferably anonymous.

No pressure for junk science interventions or feel good “suppress the desires” nonsense that just makes the problem worse. Seriously, you would think that half of the people writing such things have no clue what they’re saying. Wait, they don’t.

As a general rule, if you’re out of control (most people can control themselves tbh), try to stay away from kids, quit making excuses to go see them or conveniently picking professions that will bring you into contact with them.

If it’s family, that is harder, something to distract like an outlet perhaps, maybe a stupid sex doll, although that is very, very hard to hide and will definitely make them react badly, if nothing else does.

Find a weirdo like an autopedophile (I called myself a weirdo haha) or someone to RP with you. If you’re a minor, this may difficult as this may be against the law, if an adult is involved (and you can never be sure on the internet), and even if it wasn’t against the law, it would be against ethics rules.

Cartoons or something? Hopefully legal sexting, if the gap isn’t stupid big? This is very difficult because teenage sex drives are really active, I generally avoid giving such advice as it often goes down a dark road we don’t want to go down.

Variety usually helps, as the brain likes new stimuli (you can literally create any scenario in fantasy you want), although it does reset periodically. Orgasming multiple times might help. Simply looking at something without doing anything about it often just irritates it.

Eat healthy and don’t eat too much chocolate. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so unless you are firmly in control and want to make yourself happy, it is perhaps best eaten in moderation.

Simply looking at someone isn’t a problem, unless you’re being creepy or something. Don’t go on YouTube videos telling nine-year-olds how hot they are, if you do end up doing that. Don’t be one of those guys, it makes everyone look bad.

Try to avoid doing things that could put you behind bars, if it’s close enough, you probably shouldn’t be doing that either, especially as goalposts are moved every now and then with little rationale as to why or advance warning.

Mental disorders need to be treated properly by a specialist, preferably without giving away details about this, they often appear early enough in life however that they usually appear before it emerges, so you will likely get some idea on how to deal with it, provided you have good mental health coverage.

Just about every “hands-on” crime I have seen mentioned so far seems to involve either someone with ADHD, someone with autism, or something else. There are a couple others as-well who seemed mental disorder-less. I don’t deal with these people, even to help, as that is just asking for trouble from the police. Any place that has even one is hazardous to me.

Some mental disorders have proper medication, others don’t, some have very nasty side-effects. Get proper guidance from a specialist on the specific condition, not just a useless professional who just gives “generic help”. Try to work with it in your life rather than against it. Do research.

Don’t just parrot people either, come to your own conclusions on things and do your own research. For the record, PD doesn’t exist. When I say a mental disorder, I mean a real mental disorder, not just calling pedophilia and self-hate / stigma one.