Volunteer for Prostasia in 2022!

Prostasia Foundation is transitioning back into being fully volunteer-run in 2022, and we’re calling on our community to help pitch in. Whatever your skills and interests may be, there is a place for you volunteering with Prostasia. The complete list of available roles with links to apply is here. If you don’t see your preferred role listed here but would like to contribute in a different way, please let us know.

One role can be performed by more than one person, and one person can perform more than one role. Roles that are not filled may not be performed at all, which will impact our effectiveness as an organization—Prostasia Foundation is what we as a community make it! So please give generously of your time and apply for any job that you are interested in so that Prostasia can continue to be strong and effective in 2022.

Here are a couple of the key roles that we would like to see filled as a priority, taken from the full list:

6.1.2. Blog Editor :green_circle:

As blog editor you will be primarily responsible for suggesting topics for blog posts, and commissioning volunteers to write those posts (especially authors from marginalized groups who can write in their own voices on topics that concern them). You will edit the posts, schedule them on our publication calendar, and work with the webmaster and social media manager to have them posted online and publicized. You will also have the opportunity to write your own posts and articles for Prostasia’s website and for submission to other outlets. Apply here.

6.1.3. Newsletter Editor :green_circle:

The Newsletter Editor commissions or writes one lead article, one other feature piece or article, and a review to comprise our newsletter, which should ideally be sent monthly. In addition, all content published on our website since the previous newsletter was published will be featured. Selected old newsletter articles will also be submitted to the Blog Editor for publication in the “From the newsletter archives” blog series. Apply here.

Once again, the complete list of available roles is here.

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The link in the “Volunteer Role” section of the application page is to a non-public document

It should be a link to this forum post. The old link must still be cached by Cloudflare; I’ll take care of that now.

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Wait… entirely volunteer-run?
What about the people listed on the official team page?

Did something happen?

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well this is pretty cool

edit: Sorry for hijacking the thread. I didn’t know the page had been updated yet


Would love to volunteer and all but im scared of my name being public with MAP stuff ;w;

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Thanks for raising this! For most roles, you do not need to make your name public in order to volunteer. This will be your choice.

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Most of them were volunteers anyway, and there will be some leaving at the end of 2021.

Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere, but what will be the 2022 plans of Jeremy Malcolm w.r.t. Prostasia?

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting because I was called out to help with a public health crisis.

The pessimist part of my brain says “oh no they’re struggling with funding”

The optimist part of my brain says “I love this. If everyone involved is a volunteer they’re doing it because they’re passionate about it, not because it gives them a paycheck to pay their bills. And, ideally, every organization would have everyone involved be passionate about the organization’s goals”


You always worry when an organization that’s the brainchild of a singularly brilliant individual tries to go public. But in principle, the ball has to start rolling at some point, and the brilliant individual has to eat. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s anyone with the moxie to step into Executive Director.