Vote on EARN IT imminent

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EARN IT is a bipartisan bill. Unfortunately, this panic runs in both parties, although the Republicans like to use it as more of a weapon. LAED is a Republican Bill. The Invest in Children Act looks like a ploy to divert money from immigration (the Democrats have been attacking the Republicans over immigration for the past few years). Provisioning funds is used as a pretext, it is likely to fail as they made it political. I don’t think the FBI is good about prioritising cases in any case, it may turn into a carpet sweep.

EARN IT may be the brainchild of Senator Richard Blumenthal, who was also behind FOSTA, and even pushed the precedent for the Sex Offenders Register in 2001 (when some things would have been held up as unreasonable in cases not involving violent individuals), when he served as Attorney General. He is a Democrat.

He is quite the character.
He lied about serving in Vietnam.

Yeah, stuff like this is always bipartisan and Kamala Harris tried steam rolling earn it act quickly out of senate committee. Richard Blumenthal has also been trying to destroy or chip away section 230 before it came into the spotlights of republicans


The congress portion of the earn it act just popped up

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Introduced in both the House and Senate?

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Yep. From what I have read elsewhere the house version is already worse than the senate one


Do you have any good sources on it?

This techdirt article briefly touches upon the house version

Expect both versions of the bill to die. The House is democratically controlled, and right now they’re too concerned with immigration funds as well as COVID-19 relief to be bothered with some half-baked bill aimed at controlling the tech industry under a "won’t someone think of the children’ rationale.

The house being democrat doesnt mean much, most democrats want section 230 changes and the house version of earn it act is democrat lead. Hell Biden calls for it to be immediately revoked and he’ll be able to achieve bipartisanship unlike Trump could ever

Joe Biden wants 230 to be annulled to crack down on libel. If you think Congress cares about anything, you would be sorely mistaken.