VPS providers tested on if they allow hosting legal fictional content

I’m not 100% sure if this article would be compliant with community guidelines or not.
But I thought it might be genuinely helpful for the individuals here.
The article compares various “Free Speech” VPS providers to check if they allow certain kinds of content (including loli, shota & cub content).
However, while no hateful speech or imagery is linked/mentioned in the article, the article also checks if providers will host such speech/imagery.

I figured some individuals here might benefit from the article, though, as it could help someone find a provider who allows for hosting fictional content such as loli/shota/cub. A LOT of providers are out there claiming to be free speech providers, but actually being extremely restrictive as to the kind of content they allow (even if it’s legal in the jurisdiction they are hosting in.)

Anyway, if this doesn’t belong here, I apologize


Take a look at adultrefuge.com for this too.