We found the snake

A year later, we finally found the muck-raking snake who had Prostasia Foundation banned from PayPal.

It’s Ayden Férdeline, who has no background in child protection, but who decided that we deserved to be censored, rather than engaging with our work honestly and openly. He is currently continuing to plot against us with Nazi propagandist Anna Slatz and with Sarah Phillimore, a TERF conspiracy theorist.


I have one of those “skeletons in the closet” feelings all of a sudden…

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PayPal is controlled by corporate dictators who have the most money at the expense of freedom of speech, honest activism, and victims of these powerful monsters who control the world. Which is why I stopped trusting PayPal since it doesn’t really care about justice since it’s only influenced by money, power, and profitable censorship. Especially since PayPal is known for stealing people’s money by freezing their PayPal accounts because PayPal is controlled by the elitist mob. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon, Patreon, and other platforms have sold their souls to online surveillance and corporate dictators that are causing anti-intellectual injustice to benefit the echo chambers of powerful monsters that are oppressing people to brainwash them to make them become conquered slaves with conquered minds that can’t think for themselves. This is why these elitist platforms don’t donate money to journalists, brutally honest people, and victims because that wouldn’t give them money sometimes.

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Férdeline has also made a complaint to the IRS about us, and he posted this photo of it. This is really some QAnon-level “activism”…


That was super disgusting. He wants you all “dead” rather than just got rid from PayPal. Are you going to counter that?


I mean, it hardly seems worth it. He is an outright troll, there is no reasoning with him. I’ve spoken to several people who know him and they recommend not engaging. I think that’s right. His attempt to blacken our name is backfiring. We just grew to 2,600 Twitter followers. So, thanks Ayden!


He has also tried to get our web hosting taken down. Here is a copy of his abuse report. I won’t debunk this point by point, because he is not worth my time.

Reporter: Anonymous
Reported URLs:


Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Prostasia describes itself as "a new child protection organization that is inclusive of … kinky people, and sex workers." But the board of Prostasia contains no child protection expertise. The three board members consist of a fashion designer and two freedom of expression attorneys. Their advisory council includes a convicted sex offender (Guy Hamilton-Reid) and a clinical psychologist (Dr James Cantor) whose views have been formally rejected by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

On their website, Prostasia advocates for the lawful possession and sale of child-like sex dolls, supports the "sexual depiction of minors in drawings and cartoons", argues that "sex offence registries do almost nothing to protect children from abuse", and has published a blog post where a "kinky person" mentions fantasizing about being touched non-consensually while pretending to be a child. They have even used the funds they've raised to commission art depicting a child in a sexual manner.
Comments: Prostasia is not recognized by the US government as a child protection organization. Prostasia says that the US government has "refused to list Prostasia Foundation on its Child Welfare Information Gateway, and … the NCMEC [National Center for Missing and Exploited Children] (which the US Court of Appeals has ruled is also a government actor) had [Prostasia] ejected from a meeting of the INHOPE network of child protection hotlines."

Please address this issue with your customer.


Cloudflare Abuse



Incredibly, Ayden is still going. We just found out that he also contacted a membership organization that we have applied to join, with the same smears and misinformation. We were informed of this because the organization wrote back to us, and said that they would be investigating the allegations. I won’t include the whole letter, but here is part of it:

I wish to advise you that we last week received allegations concerning the Prostasia Foundation from a private individual not associated with our network. Amongst other things, the person alleges that Prostasia: advocates for the lawful possession and sale of child-like sex dolls; supports the sexual depiction of minors in drawings and cartoons; includes in its staff a person arrested in 2012 for criminal sex conduct with a minor; includes in its Advocacy Council a convicted sex offender; and involves self-identified paedophiles as volunteers in its work.

As a starting point, I wish to assure you that we treat this information as forming the basis of unverified allegations. Notwithstanding, I hope you understand that these allegations must be the subject of thorough investigations given that we are a network of organisations that is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the rights of children, and one that operates on the basis of a child safeguarding policy. Naturally, we wish to undertake those investigations in a fair manner and in line with standards of due process. We have sought clarification of information from the person making these allegations and will come back to you with the person’s responses. In the meantime, I wish to give you the opportunity to provide us with your preliminary responses to the summary of allegations above.

You can be sure that we will be exposing Ayden’s underhanded behavior to this organization, and responding in full to his false allegations against us.


Pizzagate investigators say you’re running an illegal grooming operation on a website by the name of MAP Support Club. Luring under 18s in and grooming them into thinking they’re pedophiles and bringing them into close contact with abusers?

“Pizzagate investigators” :joy:


do you have a source for this? Because in these depressing times I could use a good laugh!


“being used to support illegal or terrorist activities”

Oooooh…I seriously hope this fucker faces serious consequences for making such a blatantly false accusation (even though I’m for abolishing prisons…I wouldn’t mind seeing this slime-o get some jail time).


I wouldn’t mind them being sued. Free speech is not absolute, knowingly making such false statements of that kind should fall outside legal protections.


Indeed they could likely fall squarely into slander or libel. However proving a defamation case is rather hard, especially if the alleged victim is in the public sphere. I’m not sure where prostasia would be fall on it though, since I am not a lwayer

He has the UN Syndrome: condemning something they actually do with so much vehemence as a cover.

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It’s interesting, reading all this. I used to work for a anti-contact pedophilia support group, which a few years ago came under heavy attack from militant pro-contact pedophilia activist. They used the exact same strategies as described here, including misinformation and slander, and reports to our web-hosting company and an organization we were a member of at that time.

It’s kind of ironic how many similarities there are between the extreme anti-pedophile hate groups, and the extremist pro-contact activist.

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