We need to ban pedos from getting jobs which put them in close contact with children

Yes, I’m sure that you want a dox list. F U. Burden of proof rests with the accuser. We ain’t gotta do shit. You should be the one scrounging around for “proof”.


We question this because we know it isn’t true.

How do YOU know that it isn’t true that they won’t escalate?

Unsurprisingly “person works with kids and doesn’t abuse them” is not terribly exciting and not something that anyone is going to sacrifice their job to be open about. I worked with kids and nothing happened, there are plenty of others who have too.

Why are paedos completely different?

Why wouldn’t they be? The brain of a pedo is a dangerous pathological one. You are predators by nature and only managed to suppress that nature. How do we know you aren’t going to go off like a bomb?

Citation needed, if you’re going to claim that you’ve got to back it up.


This is a contradiction. Pedophiles are automatically at a higher risk than the general public.

The fact a pedo gets sexually aroused from holding hands is deeply fucking worrying.

The brain of a pedo is a dangerous pathological one.

How do I do this again? Oh right.



It is not considered a primary risk factor.
It’s only a risk factor if factored in with the previous ones I’ve mentioned in my post.
You clearly don’t understand how to understand or look at risk factors.
A preference for adult women could be considered a risk factor for male rapists who exclusively target adult women, as is the case with rapists who target men.

I don’t think ANY TYPE of physical affection like that between faculty and students is appropriate! What the hell is the matter with you??
I’ve had non-pedophilic teachers insist that I hug them during elementary school, even after I said no. To them, that was me being petulant and rude, but my aggressive outburst still made it clear that such behavior was inappropriate for a school setting.
Save that type of physical affection for friends and family. Not district employees.


I vant to suck your blood. Bleh!


You are an idiot. We know this because we live with these feelings. You have no conception of what we deal with. No one chooses to be attracted to minors, just like no one chooses to be gay. That doesn’t make us predators. It means we have a desire we can’t satiate. Since we don’t want to hurt children, we just deal with it. What we don’t want to deal with is knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, lowlife Neanderthals like you. Since you clearly have no idea what we are or what we want (but can’t have), you should go take you limited intelligence and prurient morals elsewhere.