Were there any cisgender women who act like this?

They call this, a drag show…except the person out there looks like a ciswoman…so I am confused. Your thoughts on this?

The lesbian comic Robin Tyler was very proud of having worked for a while as a drag artist, so there’s nothing to prevent a cis woman from doing it as long as she has the right stage panache. However, this performer is wearing a skin-tight bathing suit bottom that has a bump front and centre, so I deduce they likely came from a male starting point and added breasts through hormone therapy. About the politics of the whole thing, and the grooming accusations in comments below, I once again link my article that deals exactly with that topic. I don’t mean to spam the forum, I just want to connect readers with the heart of the matter, and I don’t know what the chances are of any given reader of this post getting into the comments of other posts… Republicans Need (Fake) Pedophiles to Win Elections – Have They Hit the Jackpot with Groomergate? | thismoonlesssky