What do you think of male sex dolls

I still want to share an article I read today. Do you think many women will buy male dolls in the future?In my eyes, I do not think so, because the sex doll is really too heavy, even a boy he to maintain the weight of a female sex doll is not an easy thing, let alone a girl.And male dolls are generally taller than female sex dolls, which means male sex dolls are heavier than female sex dolls. and the article shown that sales of these male dolls are much lower than those of female dolls, with only a few being sold each month.
The article says that male dolls may account for a large proportion of the doll market in the future, but I don’t think so, because I think male dolls may be more of a burden to women, regardless of the weight of the dolls. I believe many women will be more shy than men, they may be less willing to take their own dolls than boys go out, to buy the doll, might be more difficult, also about the storage of the doll, move a doll for a girl is by no means an easy thing, so that a male doll store will be more difficult. So in my eyes I don’t think there’s going to be a big market for male sex dolls even in the future, unless there’s going to be a male sex doll that’s going to be showered and walked around, but I think it’s going to be a long, long time. What about you? What do you think?

I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I think many young women would not prefer to have a sex doll on the grounds that it comes more easily to them. Sure, everyone’s circumstances are different, and not everyone gets their fair share, but most young women tend to be allowed to be more selective when they choose partners, seeing as how even a somewhat quaint, yet modestly presentable female individual would have a swath of supporters. What would they get out of a sex doll that they couldn’t from a spouse?

Why would only women want a male “sex doll”? What about gay men? Straight men also purchase the male models although that number is quite low.

Part of the lack of popularity with a male intimate partner alternative (IPA) is the manufacturers don’t know how to properly market the device to women and gay men. I just did a product review of a male action figure model (AFM). The review includes an interview with Brenda who purchased the IPA. She indicates her reasons for the purchase one of them being she has no desire to seek out a traditional relationship due to time constraints of her work schedule. Additionally, she gave other similar reasons that men do for buying a female IPA. Although most men think that women can have sex whenever they want i.e. they just need to say “yes” or “just do it” with any man, this is a misconception. Women have the same relationship issues that men go through. One thing the “sex doll” industry has done is revealed the disparage between men and the availability of sex and relationships. I’m not blaming women with that statement- it’s a social issue. Both men and women are finding it more frustrating participating in the traditional pursuit of a sexual relationship and are either doing without or turning to other options such as the IPA. There are other reasons of course for not choosing to participate in a traditional relationship such as no time, more focus on individual goals as well as the access to intimate partner alternatives. Millennial’s are also discarding traditional relationships for “hook ups” further widening the gap between those desiring traditional relationships.

Women go through some of the same issues men do when it comes to sexual satisfaction. As women become more aware of the male AFM as an IPA the demand for the male models will increase. Yes the weight can be an issue at first; men also point this out as a challenge with these devices. If the best option for sexual satisfaction is a “sex doll”, whether it be a male of female, like they say,“Where there’s a will there’s a way”.

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You’ve got me there. I have been humbled. I proudly accept defeat. I must learn from your example, for that will allow me to ascertain that which reaches beyond my demonic inhibitions.

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean by your reply. It was not my intent to insult you or anyone else. This isn’t about who’s “right” or “wrong” it’s about education. Many people see these products the way you state in the original post. The more the myths and stigma of “sex dolls” can be clarified the better understanding everyone will have about the device and the users of the devices.

please do not misunderstand me,i just want to know the probability of this is what,i did not mean to attack,and this thing i also from other articles above,i just said some of my ideas,i did not consider that this post will bring such big impact.

I know you aren’t trying to be mean; I’m only insisting that you opened my mind to brand new possibilities, and as such, am in awe of your applicability. I apologize if my previous post offended you, I have a tendency to belittle myself when I make misjudgments. I appreciate your validity and foresight. I am in your debt, friend.

Don’t worry. I have slowly gained the ability to calm my unease and redirect it into curiosity. I can take constructive criticism swimmingly. Continue as you should.

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No worries. It’s all good. Sometimes these things happen with a format like this.

we are still good friends,don’t worry,we are here to speak out our own ideas,these only represent our personal ideas,there is no other meaning.

I appreciate your generosity. We all could learn a thing or two from you and others somewhat similar.