What does anybody think about this opinion about sexualization?

Quick rant about sexualization

If you’re a young woman who sexualizes yourself in public or on Tik-Tock, Instagram, or even OnlyFans, and you get offended if a guy reacts in a sexualized manner, then you’re an idiot. You should think about what kind of values a young man may be getting when he looks at a half-naked/nude picture of you on the internet and what that could do to your image in the future.

On the other hand, if you think that censoring Jessica Rabbit and Hello Nurse, or “desexualizing” strong female characters and Olympic uniforms (i.g. volley ball bikinis and leotards) will solve the male gaze crisis, then you’re an idiot.

The male gaze will always find a way to sink through, but it’s really not such a big deal. Sexual thoughts and inclinations are just as natural as fighting, eating, and sleeping; it’s hardwired to our nature as humans, and it’s been like that since prehistoric times. You simply cannot suppress gut-instincts, no matter how many times you butch up Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) or cover Power Girl’s boob window. With that in mind, no, of course men should never act on these sexual urges if she doesn’t want it but maybe women need to do better too. Maybe women need to take responsibility for their bodies and their choices by using protection, or providing men with a healthier outlet for their urges, instead of demonizing the men for what comes naturally.

This is very fallicious

Besides who determines that women should be sexual in the first place?

If it gives you an erection, pretty sure that that’s a natural response. If not, due to it lasting too long or too short, please contact your doctor.