What is a pedophile?

A lot of this is stupid obvious to me, but I have always been particularly bad about thinking about the thought processes of “normal people” as it were as my mind works in a fundamentally different way than theirs.

Of course, I have been brainwashed before and my brilliant mind has conspired to say that you can have all the traits while simultaneously being that because it is evil.

There are multiple kinds, but the “true pedophiles” as it were only feel attraction to prepubescents, whether emotional or sexual or otherwise (their mere presence is strangely comforting which explains why teachers are always getting caught with naughty pictures) and feel absolutely no attraction or interest in adults. They are fundamentally boring and not just in the usual ways. One might even forget they exist.

There is also the “non-exclusive” ones who are attracted to both children and adults, but whose attraction to children still outstrips their one to adults making things very… awkward for them.

There is also the term MAP (Minor Attracted Person) which some created as a politically correct term for pedophiles and our cousins. It encompasses nepiophile (under 3), pedophile (prepubescent), hebephile (pubescent) and ephebophile (post-pubescent, so about 16-18).

This fuzzy though because someone could be in multiple categories.

There was a man named Cantor, who is kind of weird and eccentric, but if I recall, he claims to have found a strange pattern which goes through about half the brain which is correlated with people who think that way.

There have been a few studies linked to me and it would seem that the number of pedophiles ranges between 0.1%, 1% and even 5% (although, the science seems flaky for the 5% number) of the world population.

It develops sometime before you’re born, is noticed at a certain age and pretty much sticks around forever making it a colossal pain. Attempts at conversion therapy only make the problem worse by making someone more prone to exploding in some weird way or just outright conning people. It is not a compulsion or one of the multitude of other things the public says to try to paint it as a form of uncontrollable insanity that just escalates with exposure.

Onto emotional thinking, pedophiles are actually fairly protective and caring, or at-least I am protective and caring and it seems to be a trend. One does have a love for them, but like any being, one is a sexual being, which can be very inconvenient.

It isn’t something that is magicked away and it makes me restless and bugs me until I do something about it. It doesn’t seem to discriminate between real or fake, although it certainly seems to prefer real people. I haven’t really experimented with that, as I have always thought that even innocuous images are illegal tbh, although it is generally more effective.

Looking at anything does make people happy, which is very useful when people talk about you as if you’re Satan 24/7 and make you want to kill yourself. I sometimes feel like just throwing myself over the edge of a tall building and be done with it. It is also one of many reasons why I think the approach to child pornography and anything connected to it is highly misguided, cornering people will only make them more desperate.

It doesn’t mean that you’re going to jump on random people, but it might make someone feel very comfortable, especially if they don’t want it to appear in their day-to-day life at inconvenient moments.

I have to say this as people probably have distorted ideas of what goes through my head. I usually try to avoid thinking real ones, although I have noticed it is somewhat similar if I do, but in terms of personal fantasies:

I like to think of them as cheery and happy to be with me. I don’t really like to think of someone suffering, I can’t say I know anyone who likes that either tbh.

Hugs, cuddles, playing around, sometimes sexual?, but mostly keeping me company and cheering me up when I’m sad. I would totally start treating one of those dolls like a real person, although too expensive and probably illegal.

For some reason, I have a strange feeling of deja vu, have I made this post before? How peculiar.

Suffering hurts me too. It hurts to hate. But many given individuals, even myself at times, cannot control their emotions, which may lead to hesitation, hastiness and hostility. A biased mindset only complicates matters, but is very difficult to overcome. Talking down to these people also might seem somewhat counterintuitive, especially by those who value liberty, equality, and equity. If anything, changing our mindsets themselves would be a challenge, but a great start, and a worthwhile opportunity.