What purity policing fans get wrong about censorship

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Alexus is a 15 year old who writes fan fiction for fun. Her favorite fandoms include Supernatural, Legend of Zelda, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is currently working on an alternate first episode of Sabrina, in which the title character, also aged 15, is preparing to be inducted as a witch. In the…

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I have personal experience with this problem as a writer and artist. I often do fan fiction and often times my fanfiction and original work both features a lot of sensitive subjects.

Like it or not, this stuff happens people.

Do you know why ‘‘underaged pregnancy’’ happens?

Because children sometimes have unprotected sex.

So writing about children having unprotected sex is not promoting or condoning child molestation. It’s simply inserting real-world events no matter how good or bad into a fictional story involving FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

I feel that a change in sex laws and sexual behavior is not the only solution to this, however, copyright laws really need a revamp as the current creative market is extraordinarily unforgiving on fanfiction and original artists in general simply because anyone rich and influential enough can copyright anything for largely unreasonable lengths of time.

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I don’t know why people waste time trying to censor this stuff, like… Get a life? What is wrong with people these days, do they not have a better hobby than to go around harassing people for made-up nonsensical reasons?

I can understand the intent but… Intent is made moot when the context behind it is insufficient or it’s results aren’t even considered. I think it pays to look before you leap, or think before you act. Censorship in general, without considering or compassion in mind, is deplorable.

We have fought wars over this, had countless of soldiers die, and all so we can give everything away just so someone won’t get offended. Some of my own family members were shot dead by those vile people a long time ago.

Not disputing your point here but what wars would that be?