What were they thinking!?!

Saying “Love has no age!” is a great way to get people to misunderstand you!

Some people still use the word ‘love’ thinking that ‘fucking’ is too secondary a meaning to apply to the situation they’re trying to describe. Also, the number of people who have read ancient bulletins from a long extinct British pedophile organization has got to be as minimal as it gets. Presumably some of the stuff got repeated in tabloids for awhile, but a large proportion of people posting on the internet weren’t even born yet.

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That’s true. Like I remember some bigot talking about the four loves and that homosexuals are sick because they apparent only focus on eros. I point out that heterosexuals got special rights and privliges based on their eros and that they were trying to deny homosexuals the right to their own eros, while heterosexuals could keep theirs.

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True, if anyone doubted agape among the homosexuals, they found out their error when thousands selflessly looked after their dying partners and friends during the AIDS catastrophe.

Now the MAGAs are trying to ideologically overwrite that, but for awhile, everyone knew.