Who should be excluded from child protection?

Originally published at: https://prostasia.org/blog/who-should-be-excluded-from-child-protection/

Traditionally, child protection law and policy has been the domain of sexually conservative organizations with close ties to organized religion. In researching a recent article that she wrote following our #SexContentDialogue in San Francisco last month, journalist Violet Blue developed a map showing some of these links between religious groups and one of our counterpart…

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If you molested a child you have no business in child defense organizations. You cannot change any of our minds. If you molested a child, you deserve death penalty. No one under 18 can consent to sex acts or porn with adult. Child molesters are all evil, vile and monsters or beasts this should not be controversial you agree yes?

They are not human and deserve no such right.

Which person exactly in this organization has allegedly molested a child? Where is a source of that information coming from? You seem to have a mistaken belief that this organization wants to support the sexual abuse of children. It doesn’t. And no matter how many times you will imply that, it won’t make it true.


Don’t you think those people, who have served their time and acknowledge what they did, might have valid input on child protection? They can provide a unique view of what can be done to prevent the same happening again.

They cannot change the past, but they can help prevent abuse in the future.

They are human, if we treat people like monsters then we shouldn’t be surprised when they act like one.

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