Why are so many people against "obscene" art?

I think know why but want a second opinion from the community. Is it because of stubbornness, willful ignorance, hypocrisy, wrongful justification, or do people legitimately think there stopping the romancing of abuse? What do you think?

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All of those things, yes.

It’s essentially appealing to disgust.

In their minds, it’s a good thing to destroy whatever they dislike. Sometimes they ignore reality because they feel like their subjective opinions are an objective truth or that they need to protect adults from themselves/ideas


If I could “destroy whatever I disliked”, those “people” would be the first to go. Like I said, the life of 1 “witch” is worth more than even 1300 stupid peasants. If anything, those peasants should bow their heads in gratitude to die for that witch.


If I could “destroy whatever I disliked”, those “people” would be the first to go.

Pay evil unto evil.

I honestly wouldn’t feel too bad for the people who cling to obscenity laws today becoming the victims of it tomorrow and watch them start screaming about how unfair it is for someone else’s tastes to decide their fate. It would be a lesson in empathy.

Well, the justification that the Supreme Court gave in Miller was that it was “immoral” and “offensive” and lacked value.

In the present day, the consensus among anti-free speech actors and pro-censorship proponents is still mostly that it’s immoral, but they’ll try to make it about preventing moral or social harm since they know how weak the “immoral” proponent is.

So the battlefield has mostly moved to that of the laboratory and what sex offenders do, rather than that, but the broad empirical consensus has yet to affirmatively prove an association or meaningful correlation, let alone a causal relationship between ‘obscene’ pornography and acts of real-world sex abuse.

It is my hope that the broad consensus remains firm on what we already know - that there is no meaningful link or causal association between the consumption of ‘obscene’ pornography and the commission of subsequent sex crimes or abuses, be they against adults or minors. It’s no secret that the academic arena is prey for bad-faith actors who seek only to validate their views and enable fascist, cruel, irrational agendas designed to restrain our freedoms.


Okay, but can it possibly also be one of the reasons listed above?