Why do people think loli is legal in france?

It’s literally dns banned, every loli hentai site you try to access gives a big fat CP warning. Just typing loli gets it also…read up on 2013-711 or heres just a simple link. https://www.numerama.com/magazine/26821-dessiner-des-lolicons-devient-illegal-meme-s-ils-sont-prives.html

DNS Bans. The most flawless method of stopping someone from accessing a site. It is absolutely impossible, against the laws of physics, to get around such a restriction. The laws of mathematics may be admirable but the laws of France trump them.

Do they actually convict people for it? Or is it a show law? It is dangerous either way, and should be campaigned against.

Im not sure if they convict, i visited there a few weeks back and you couldnt even access nhentai without getting a scary CP warning and i tested it more and more and most sites were barred. Reading up on it, seems to have been the case since the government passed 2013-711 back in 2013. Just weird hearing ppl think it’s legal there or something, felt like one of the most restrictive places internet wise i have been