Why should lolicon not be a controlled substance?

https://www.dictionary.com/browse/devil-s-advocate Devil’s advocate.

Why should media like lolicon not be a controlled substance like a drug or a prescription? Yes, this is a common argument.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think some drugs should be illegal, or punished as harshly as they are when they do arise, and they could have useful medicinal uses in therapeutic settings which are scarcely discovered due to how stigmatized some of them are.

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Because, unlike drugs, pornographic imagery isn’t a neurochemical stimulant, nor is it a foreign substance that the body can form a dependence on. There are arguments that it, like pornography, drives reasonable persons to commit acts they otherwise wouldn’t do, which is false.

Even the most prudent, biased studies, if they wish to retain scientific integrity, will admit that only those who are prone to commit contact offenses against children are likely to be affected, due to the fact that only a minority of contact offenders consume pornography/CSAM and the subjective nature by which these correlations can be observed.

Even if a positive correlation between the consumption of CSAM or erotic fiction and contact offenses could be reasonably ascertained, it still doesn’t explain why the availability of pornographic material seems to coincide with reduced contact offenses within said respective regions.

I am NOT suggesting CSAM should be legal! CSAM IS abuse and deserves to be illegal, but there is an overwhelming lack of research focused specifically on virtual/fictional porn, as opposed to real CSAM.

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What I frequently wonder is what led someone to a contact offense? I doubt it is purely “meeting sexual needs”, as they would have been able to do that with the very inappropriate pornography.

Is a factor from Maslow insufficient in their lives?

Are they well-educated?

Is it a counter-intuitive effect of criminalizing content which causes anxiety?

Are they so depressed they decide to say it doesn’t matter?

Did they slip once as a teenager and decide their life is over and it doesn’t matter if they continue?

Did getting registered effectively destroy their life?

Do they have difficulty understanding the consequences of their actions (even if it’s just the aspect of them being thrown in prison)?

Are they too disconnected from society?

Is it Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Has prison turned into a revolving door for them?

Is there a too insufficient disclaimer for someone who is autistic or something?

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