Why the overlap?

This feels like magical thinking, i.e, writjng a fantasy means engaging in it:

Reduxx has learned that a Professor Emeritus at California State University and a top consultant to the world’s leading transgender health authority directly contributed to an erotic story featuring themes of the graphic mutilation and sexual slavery of children.

In 2022, Reduxx exposed a number of academics for their role in a disturbing website known as the Eunuch Archive, a long-standing forum which hosts nearly 10,000 “erotic” stories of an extreme sadomasochistic nature. In addition to hosting the fantasy material, a discussion forum exists to provide support and community to men who identify as “eunuchs,” and seek to be or are already castrated.

Weirdly there is a overlap with those in the fetish community and Queer people…i dont think one leads to another, but why does ot exist?

I’ve personally seen how unprofessional, unqualified, and disgusting these so-called ‘journalists’ at Reduxx are.

I highly doubt that their reporting has any factual basis, but their credibility is practically nill. Their ideologically-charged reporting is compounded by their willingness to work with discredited, bad-faith actors.

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Another group of liars hijacking a title? Just the word “journalist” invokes the idea of “journaling”, like keeping a daily diary. Akin to “blogging”, keeping an online journal for all to see. Maybe they should be called “writers of fiction”, publishing hit pieces for “likes” nowadays. Acting as if they’re the only voice of truth when they’re just pushing an ideology, one pov, and promoting fear and hatred toward a particular group. Like years ago it was all about “selling papers” now it’s all about garnishing web traffic for advertising revenue.
No wonder no one believes “the media” anymore. When decades ago it stood for getting to the truth and justice now stands for getting people on a side to a cause, promoting fear and hate and “likes” (clicks).
It’s always about attention grabbing headlines. It wouldn’t sound out of place 40+years ago to see “Mayor’s Son Caught” having the article go on about how they found him at a known hourly hotel with another MAN he met at a known “gay” bar. My how times have changed! People haven’t. Always looking for an angle to keep us divided and at odds with one another. Only now we call it “click bait”. So they get you to sit through THEIR BS video of a general topical overview with a generic script voiced by an AI voice. All of their “research” done through Google and a Wiki page. Lazy!

And don’t you know, “pedophiles” are really out to hurt children too! People who own dolls are looking to grab kids off the street and do sexual things to them! They’re all “criminals”! So says the thought police! The THOT police. Causing a moral panic and outrage to push fascist laws through so they can run ripshod over these groups without any accountability. Fueled by the hatred they promote! Bunch of twits!

That article is no different than the moral panic and hatred being aimed at these two groups, manga, lolicon, fictional/fantasy writing (but only the ones of a sexual nature invovling “minors”), and AI art (how to differentiate what it is trained on is too baffling to me to hazard a guess?). Lumping them both into the LGBQ++ community. When none of that bears any resemblance to actual truth save for a very, very, few that “MAY” be outliers. Saying something is 100% true always leaves room for the exception.

What people do in their spare time outside of their profession is no one’s business! If their not victimizing anyone, where is the problem? I know many people belonging to the aforementioned groups (MAPs and doll owners), me being one of them, and there is LESS than the already zero percent chance of any of them EVER harming another person, much less a child. The outrage against all of these groups is built upon lies! And those rare exceptions!

Prostasia exists thanks to people trying to spread the truth about these groups and do the work to actually protect children. Not promote fear, hate, and laws made up by morally panicked people who have been manipulated by lies, but don’t even care to understand any of them. Listen to actual Dr.s or look at their results from researching these groups.


Yellow journalist: “Professor writes stories about boys with little dicks! Oh no!!! What shall we do?!”

Me: cool…. And then what?

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