Why you hate NCMEC

Why you post this

Why you hate NCMEC. They help keep our internet clean and safe for children and people. Why you post this? You not child protection charity too? HOW WILL IT ENRICH CRIMINALS??? YOU NO IDEA WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT??? NCMEC works with Pornhub because they want to remove child sex image. CHILD SEX IMAGE ARE NOT FREE SPEECH PROSTASIA. They will not interfere with legal pornos. You make me very angry.

There are lots of reasons to criticize NCMEC. Here are just some. Here are some more and yet more. And don’t even get me started on their support for FOSTA/SESTA and the EARN IT Act.


Prostasia = weird org. u oppose all bills that supported by NCMEC and other child defense orgs.

No, we are supporting the Jenna Quinn Law as well as the Invest in Child Safety Act just to mention two. It’s all about the approach that the law takes. If it’s about weaponizing fear and stigma to increase law enforcement powers, we’re not likely to support it. If it’s about preventing child sexual abuse from being perpetrated in the first place, we likely will. Mind-blowing, I know.


You don’t defend anyone worth defending by witch-hunting.