Why You Should Not Be An Assimilationist

@terminus From a friend on NNIA.


This is sadly what a lot of people think:

“They need to get help, so that we can maybe help people with this mental illness towards a healthy sexuality”

“Why are we normalizing this fetish? Shouldn’t they get help to lose interest?”

These are just some comments from an article about CLSDs. Of course moral ones like:

“Imagine them doing it with this thing while thinking about your boy. Fuck that shit gtfo”

also exist.

I have the feeling that the availability of therapy raises the publics expectation for MAPs to “get help”. They want these people to supress all their feelings and desires. Majority of MAPs already do this without breaking a sweat. It’s not about losing control and potentially abusing, but rather having some quality of life that the public is unwilling to grant despite CLSDs etc. not harming anyone.


More people should be proud of being “monsters”, like me. If we’re talking collateral damage, like I said, during a witch burning, better the many villagers burn than the few witches, if there needs to be “collateral damage”.

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