Worst arguments against minor attracted people

A twitter anti named glen pounder has been proudly showing off his anti map ramblings in a similar vein to the co-founder of wikipedia larry sanger.

Some of his greatest points include.

"Walker describes this group as a “community” and argues that they should be recognized and represented as a “sexual minority”

Glen is offended that allyn accurately described things. Is virped a hoax, is there not a community of non offending pedophiles. Are pedophiles common, are more than 50 percent of people pedophiles. Pedophiles are literally a sexual minority no matter how you think about it.

“We wouldn’t countenance giving men who fantasized about raping women (but didn’t act on it) recognition as a sexual minority – why is this any different? “”

Actually I think we would.

“Use of computer generated, anime and other material depicting the sexual abuse of children is and must also remain something which is carefully monitored - in particular where it may be used to groom children or otherwise normalize the sexual abuse of children.”

Is there any evidence that pedophiles use loli to groom children. And even if they did, is there any evidence that it is more effective than regular methods and that they would not just go back to traditional methods? Also we’re talking about criminals here. Banning loil wouldn’t stop these people from accessing it.

"We are striving to keep up with the technologies employed by those with an illegal pedophilic interest in children. "

Being attracted to children isn’t illegal.

“Describing a pedophile by using words such as “minor attracted person” (MAP) risks lessening the seriousness of this issue and could act as a step towards acceptance of criminal activity.”

No it doesn’t, it does none of these things. It would be nice for him to provide evidence for those claims but sadly, it doesn’t exist.

“This is dangerous as it puts an even greater sense of righteousness into the minds of those who ALREADY believe sexually abusing (and raping) children is normal. Some offenders even seek to convince themselves that children enjoy the abuse.”

If someone already believe its okay to rape children our last concern should be how “good” about themselves they feel. “Someone is trying to rape children!!!” “What should we do!!” “Quick Knock his ego” PEDO DESTROYED. Its funny how he considers us to be “pro pedo” when he’s the one who deeply cares about the feeling pro contact people.

"For example, we often read of crimes involving “the trafficking of children for sex”. Of course, this is wholly inaccurate – when children are involved – there is no consent - they are being sexually abused or raped – it is NEVER “sex”. "

Whenever I hear someone say this I want to know what they think rape is. Rape is non consensual sex according to everyone. Rape must necessarily involve sex. There is no rape without sex, but this just another strange glen crusade that really shows how much thought he has put into his beliefs.

“Some organizations (promoting sexuality in all its forms), while on the surface appearing legitimate, are even arguing that acceptance of sexual attraction to children by adults could actually help prevent child sexual abuse. I don’t buy into this thinly veiled attempt to normalize the objectification of children as sexual beings. We must remain vigilant and guard against such moves.”

UH OH that’s us. Prostasia does not promote all forms of sex, find an instance where prostasia says any one should be able to act on whatever sexual thought they have with anyone at anytime. Or even find a place where prostasia encourages sex with those who cannot consent. You cant.

“Criminal pedophiles - in their hundreds of thousands - already congregate online, often in the unregulated or uncontrolled spaces where our technology is deployed.”

Yeah, that is why we need to create anti contact spaces but glen believes all anti contact spaces are secretly pro contact shadow ops.

" This is not about politics, stigma, works of art, the suppression of free speech or the result of a misplaced “moral panic”. This crime is an absolute menace to children, is costing “billions of dollars per year, is happening worldwide and is happening in ever increasing numbers."

“It’s not about politics’ ’ but i’m petitioning the government to act. “It’s not about stigma” but we should stigmatize pedophiles. “It’s not about art” but we need to ban art. “It’s not about free speech” but we need to ban cartoons.

“Let’s continue to research child focused protection solutions while continuing to call pedophilia what it actually is – a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or commits criminal sexual abuse or rape against children.”

Not all pedophiles are adults and not everyone who commits crimes against children is a pedophile.


These pisspoor arguments could be avoided altogether if people just understood a few simple facts:

Pedophilia ≠ molestation, pedophilia = attraction, attraction ≠ molestation, most molesters are NOT pedophiles, etc.


I got permabanned on reddit for stating this fact. Even specified attraction to children instead of saying pedophilia since I knew people would misunderstand.


I feel like a lot of the anti-pedophile outrage can be described by this.