Would it be wrong for the close relative of a (legal) pornstar to consume their work?

This is something I think about from time to time. I once read on Quora a question regarding the family and friends of pornstars. It was something like “how would you feel if your parent/child were a pornstar?”

One answer came in the form of a young man who proclaimed he was PROUD of his mother’s work and would view it frequently because she was, in his words, beautiful. Though he made it clear he also had no desire to actually have sex with his mother.

So that begs the question: is it moral for such a thing to occur? Or the inverse, where a parent consumes porn of their (legal) offspring, but never seeks sex with them? Thoughts?

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I don’t know if this is the right place to ask these types of questions, as this feels like something you’re better off asking about elsewhere.

This is a forum for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit CSA prevention charity.

Your previous posts about paraphilias and whatnot were appropriate forum discussion, as they are relevant to Prostasia’s goals of preventing child sex abuse.

This feels more or less like something I’d find on a raunchy subreddit or on 4chan.

I appreciate the feedback and have flagged my topic for deletion on the basis of off-topicness. I only brought it up due to the notion of wether or not a parent could ethically consume pornography of their own (legal) offspring. Could it lead to seeking sexual contact with their offspring? And is incest always grooming and abuse even when the offspring is an adult, due to the power imbalance of parent/child? These are the lines I was thinking along. Still, apologies for cluttering the forum with a seeming off-topic subject.

Also, Reddit and 4chan!? Oh, you wound me so…

Wait, there’s an Off-Topic category on this very forum! I’ll change the category to that and be the first of a category🥇!

Uh oh… I can’t undo my flag… Not that I can see anyway…

Hrm, who can I contact about that?

I’ve seen that @terminus fellow floating around. Can he help?

@terminus what do you think?

I personally think it should be axe’d since it seems… inappropriate.

Inappropriate? You mean in terms of this forum or in general?

For the forum. It’s not really relevant to the Prostasia Foundation, its goals, or anything else, really.

We have threads and topics that go over the legality, effects, and abailability of pornographic materials because such materials have preventative value for CSA prevention, and contribute to Prostasia’s core mission and goals and sex positivity.

“Would it be wrong for the close relative of a pornstar to consume their work” reads like something that does not belong here.

It’s fine for the off-topic category.


How is the uncategorized category different from off-topic btw?

Or is that for things that fit the scope of Prostasia, but don’t have a specific subforum?

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Yes, that’s exactly right.


Well, the only thing that leaves me in doubt about this question is, “Can a person decide something like: Everyone can see this intimate photo of me but you.”
Is it reasonable and logical to say something like that? I really don’t know, I’m left wondering.


“how would you feel if your parent/child were a pornstar?”

Probably depends on how that child is brought up. One person who seems to have turned out OK is Tyger Drew-Honey, despite “when I was 11 I was receiving death threats”. (A Daily Mail article described him thus “Tyger seems a well-balanced and thoughtful young man.”)

He starts talking about his parents at around 10:30 in. Of course he’s never admitted to (nor likely to tbf) watching any of their porn scenes.

The first episode of ‘Tiger Takes On…’ Tyger Takes On... - Wikipedia… investigated the porn industry, and had him actually interviewing his parents.

  • Doubt if he would be keen to consider it, but I’m fairly convinced ‘Tiger Takes On… Prostasia’ would be a lot more professional and level-headed affair than Laila Mickelwait’s biased and inept take was.
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I was actually thinking about something like this the other day, and came to the conclusion that honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it since sex is a natural human instinct and the only ones who feel otherwise are the hardcore, pearl clutching types who try really hard to shame and demonize the act.

…which wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be the same pearl clutching types I mentioned before.

How fucked up do people have to be to send death threats to a kid…