X (Twitter) community notes used to spread misinformation about MAPs

A grand total of 0 people were surprised by this development

Worth pointing out just how damaging shit like this is to child protection. People who are already seen as abusers end up with nothing to lose by becoming one. Plus it makes them scared to get support if they need it to remain non-offending.


Another place for people to act as mouthpieces for every stupid thing that comes to them. 99% are brain-dead idiots!


Pedophile = Child Molester

Classic definition entanglement.

It is child molesters who molest children. The verb is literally the noun. It is unmistakable.

And yet, …there it is. Very dangerous.

That aside, I’ve no clue what the OP of that X/T post is on about either. Seems like a fire-starter or fishing for degenerate responses. To poke a beehive with a stick will result in stings.