You Have A Flawed Survey

Your survey is marketed in clinical arenas where parole officers refer abusers.

Your survey contains manipulative loaded questions.

Someone could be misled to think “a perfect world where abuse is good and no one cares” and not a probe to what someone could do if they could “get away with it” and didn’t think it was “harmful”.

Your survey does not restrict under 18s.

Well that’s vague and unhelpful. What survey are you talking about? Why do you think it’s Prostasia’s survey? What do you think the intent of the survey is? Some specifics and reaching out to Prostasia’s leadership would probably be better received than rude accusations.

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I was just wondering that, myself.
If you’re referring to a specific survey, then please ping them or message them directly.


What survey are you talking about??

If I had to assume, they’re probably referring to the surveys posted by @RenUG

Which I’d greatly prefer if @LoliShadow would ping or direct message them, or at the very least cite the threads in question.

I filled out one of the surveys, and it certainly seemed like they were trying to focus very hard on any associations between offense-supportive cognitions and fictional material, rather than non-offense-supportive cognitions, which is certainly a fair critique, but not really in-line with what the OP of this very thread is claiming, at least from my point of view.

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