A conversation about the social media attacks on Prostasia

Originally published at: A conversation about the social media attacks on Prostasia - Prostasia Foundation

Early in September Prostasia was the center of a social media firestorm on Twitter. The attacks started with opponents of sex workers, but soon spread across the political spectrum, including some progressives, some centrists, and many people with strong connections to alt right networks. Prostasia has been targeted before. This attack was larger and more…


Here in the UK, I often watch afternoon quiz shows; sometimes they have ‘Celebrity’ versions.

Although I have no idea to what extent it’s mandated, but as celebrities they always play for a charity where any money they make goes to that charity - and often, the celebrity is an official patron.

I keep imagining that if when, say, ‘Bradley Walsh’ or ‘Stephen Mulhern’ asks the celebrity contestant which charity they’re playing for, and they say “Prostasia” and then proceed to describe the cause, how might that play out, how would the host/show producers react?

Of course, as ‘Prostasia’ isn’t UK based this would be a pretty unlikely scenario, but it perhaps illustrates why ‘Prostasia’ lacks any real credibility amongst many well-intentioned people who would otherwise support the principled goals of researching how to end child abuse and protecting human rights. (Whether one should add the adjective ‘sexual’ to either of those goals is debatable.) Their “Gods” are highly likely to be the famous celebrities of their world, and without this endorsement they are going to shun any cause, especially that which could be misconstrued or misunderstood, and the celebrities themselves are going to be advised similarly.

Only when a public icon is of sufficient belief in the principles of what ‘Prostasia’ is trying to achieve might they ignore their advisers and be prepared to publicly support us.

Of course, this would be a significant challenge, not to say risk, for all involved. A higher profile, especially when accentuated by mainstream media, will inevitably also result in higher, more intense, adversity. (Reading of Ernest Henley’s ‘Invictus’ may have to become a required daily ritual.)

The best, if not only, way forward is maybe to highlight the courage, commitment and sacrifices of the people who work here. In truth that cannot be disputed.

Maybe in time, a personality not hitherto involved in this field, who is of sufficient standing, and who’s character and reputation is beyond reproach, will have the courage to associate themselves publicly with us in the face of persistent, unconscionable and intentionally deceitful misrepresentations. There’s always hope I suppose.

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Flatly stating that P is not about X, is not the same thing as a conversation about WHY P is perceived, out there, as being about X.

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Many people on the right are extremely conspiracy-minded. It won’t matter what you say to them because no matter what you say they will always read something that isn’t there. To them it’s all a smokescreen and coverup for something darker and more sinister. It’s like pizzagate where they had many people believing that some pizzeria in D.C was selling children based on “code words” they “deciphered” in emails. You have nutjobs like Alex Jones who will claim that satanic pedophiles run the world.

It would be comical if it wasn’t so harmful.

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I would add one thing here, Jeremy, based on my militating against Covid disinformation trolls (and occasional people) on Twitter. This topic also helps the white-nationalists and their aligns in and around the Q movement to pursue their “broader campaign of bigotry against” science. Science has been a bad-news-bear for these people, telling them first that gay and trans are outside the moral sphere, and then that their industrial interests are destroying the world as an ecosystem, and now that they have to react to a pandemic that slows down money-making for many upper-level people. The classic spin move, in such a situation, is to find the assertion by the other side that can be made to look the worst, and spin it hard to demonize it maximally. Thus, a scientific assertion of ‘minor attraction also has a biological basis’ provides an opportunity that can be used against the entire enterprise of science. Maintaining the idealized 1950s white culture that these groups dream of demands being able to eliminate science wherever it causes discomfort, saving only enough of it to engineer new weapons and toys with, while the rest of epistemology returns to the comforts of medieval wishfulness.

Thing is, the left attacks us just as much as the right. They just use different words. To me, there is no significant difference between being labeled a “degenerate” vs. being labeled “problematic”.


Finnish version of Prostasia would be Sexpo, but they have the benefit that they exist since the 1960s and work together with the gov. and children organizations like Save the Children and international Universities. Back in 2016 when CLSD were reported by customs they were asked and said that these items should not be criminalized. Also actively being invited to legal procedings (e.g law making etc. guidance). They have a very good reputation and people actually value their work.

Prostasia is not viewed as credible, because it lacks the connections and age.