Another petition introduced to criminalize loli in Japan

Introduced by Shizuka Terata, Manuba Terata and Mizuho Fukushima and several others. Will no doubt be hearing more about it as it could easily get a Plenary Sitting with the lawmakers having a lot of clout

From what I understand there have been several failed attempts at banning Loli in Japan in the past. Is the strategy here to whittle down the defenses, trying over and over until eventually they succeed? How likely is it that this becomes law?

Apart from that, I will never understand why people try to ban things like loli or child sex dolls. It is the most irrational thing to do in this context. The people you try to punish and criminalize are those who have gone out of their way to find outlets for their sexuality that don’t involve real children, acting ethically and responsibly by seeking material that does not involve the harm of children. In other words, those are precisely the people you should support, not criminalize.

If there is no legal difference between fictional CP and real CSAM, then more people will end up using real CSAM (if only because it will be right next to each other once fictional CP has been successfully removed from the legal clearnet), making the problem bigger than it has to be.


More Communist Party politicians?


I have no doubt in my mind that such a brazen attempt to lump in the control of one’s thoughts and expressions will lead to an outcry.

While I doubt many would have an issue with strengthening or modernizing laws targeting acts or materials involving real children, as so many people fail to realize, drawings and fictional characters are not children.

Equating the idea of children with the actuality of children will only weaken our ability to protect the rights of actual children, and this fact is not lost on the Japanese people.

This is a fact. Giving people an outlet for their thoughts and desires such as this has been nothing but beneficial to the JP people, and their children.


Shizuka Was endorsed by them, but this push seems to be coming straight from the party leader of the social democratic party this time

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I’m not really familiar with the parties of politics of Japan. Are they in charge of the country now?

As stated, criminalizing cartoons and dolls erodes a competitive advantage. When folks feel compelled to hide either way, no good can come from banning.

Interestingly, activists push a narrative that implies actual people are objectified by attractions felt to structures. An attraction to the shape of a structure does not depend on the shape or even the existance of another structure; therefore, an attraction to a cartoon is an attraction to a cartoon; an attraction to a doll is an attraction to a doll. In fact, such attractions do not rely on the shape, age or existance of people at all. The structure that bears the shape attracted to is the object of attraction. It follows, also, that since auch attractions are not to people, they should not be considered as such.

It cannot be found morally relevant for one to feel protective of an imaginary character or to feel more protective of a doll than of a broom. There’s nothing morally relevant and there’s no harm; therefore, there’s nothing to punish for.

Interestingly, activists opine that an action can be wrong with no regard of context. To claim that context doesn’t matter is akin to claiming that undressing to shower is the same as undressing to ride a bus. No activity that’s conducted within the confines of solitude can breach social boundaries. It is the activist who seeks to harm who is doing no harm who is immoral.


SDP is one party amongst a coalition of opposition parties to LDP(main party) but theres also CDP lawmakers that have signed this petition. This petition will goto a committee that will sign off and push it to a plenary sitting with dozens of lawmakers arguing back and forth about it, bringing in “experts” to push it through to adopt the petition.

I dont believe this will achieve its goal cause it will have massive backlash from politicians, but these attempts to ban this material is getting a lot more prominent recently and a lot of it does point to outside lobbying.


Liberal democracy must remain true to its function and purpose.


These are popping up more and more with very similar wording from one another, a new push/petition to regulate 2d and cgi art depicting children from lawmaker Rintaro Ogata. Former DPJ member, but now runs his own party with 4 other independents.

In short, hes calling for a crackdown on the arts because he believes most countries already do it

“It can be a reason for refusal of mutual legal assistance, because it is not criminalized in Japan”

Better catch them goalposts, they be sprout’n legs!

Seriously, though. This is so untrue. Simulated child pornography is legal in a variety of countries, including the United States, Denmark, and to a lesser extent, Germany. And the legal treaties and other international agreements and doctrines shared by these countries are in no way impacted by their legality of such content, nor how they differentiate it from CP/CSAM.
It’s my hope that these claims and calls for criminalization continue to fall on deaf ears, and be made by stringent minority groups. Japan has done a pretty good job at preserving freedom of expression with regard to this, and I’d like to see it continue (perhaps with removing censorship in all pornographic media).

What the world needs is less censorship. Child sex abuse is the focus, as it is backed by an objective fact of harm and the risk of it, and not by arbitrary moral reasoning, as is the case with laws targeting harmless expression that has a right to exist.


Guessing he didn’t get the memo about the same countries being massive hypocrites, turning a blind eye to child sex abuse rings and politicians/rich people (E.g. Epstein) who exploit/abuse children.


The only logical things I can come up with by playing devil’s advocate scenarios, since I have no problem of playing both sides of the coin, is that they are wanting to be maximally proactive with the following belief system (or some variation thereof):

  1. Allowing fictional content is endorsing both Pedophilia and CSA. Disallow both = CSA problem is solved.
  2. Assume guilty before innocent. If one has false/fictional images, then one is already part of the problem.
  3. Possession of fictional content is equal to possession of CSA. Fictional children are still children. All gray area and exceptions can be swept away to make the prosecution process easier in the name of justice.
  4. Artistic works have majorly negative impacts on reality.
  5. Protect children by prevention at all costs, regardless of whether real children are involved.
  6. Reducing the supply of all relatable alternatives to CSA reduces the demand for CSA.
  7. Pedophilia in itself should be illegal. Pedophile = Child Abuser
  8. [Japan] Obscenity laws must be strict, so as to not be the primary country that is known for producing such obscene material.

That’s usually the case in rape charges, to be honest. The male party usually has to prove they’re innocent. (At least here in the UK.)

So basically why Johnny Depp got screwed over.

Japan already does this. Japan has an UNCOMFORTABLY high conviction rate because they don’t follow “innocent till proven guilty”. Being a defense lawyer in Japan SUCKS. This is basically what the Ace Attorney franchise is all about: the backwards-ass Japanese legal system. Protagonist Phoenix Wright is a defense lawyer, and therefore an underdog in Japanese culture.

Bravo, you’ve done a great job of recreating their mayo-brained arguments. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve seen a few of these said sincerely almost verbatim.

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Another! This time from Sayaka Sasaki from Komeito(heavy Buddhism), really overdue for some right wing politicians. It’s incredibly barebones and it seems linked to the first petition in OP. Introduced two days ago


They really have no other argument than “we must conform”, not whether their conformity is correct.

The United States, Austria, and Japan were more than clear in their opposition to the UN’s previous attempt to abolish critical thinking in favor of pushing for policy that will only be backtracked on at a later point this century.

Fictional child pornography does not affect or harm children. It is not in any way, shape, or form involved or related to the sexual abuse or exploitation of children.
Conflating the idea or concept of children with the actual children only harms more children because it supplants offense and discomfort with empathy.

Japan has some of the lowest rates of sexual abuse and the people there have fostered a culture that compartmentalizes and distinguishes acts from action.

@Era_Blaze In your opinion, are these politicians still the minority? Is the majority consensus still in favor of preserving free expression over thought crime?