Australia also bans sex dolls

They banned it because it “encourages paedophilia”.



Absolute absurdity. How the hell does an ADULT woman who has “smaller breasts” promote paedophilia? This nonsense hysteria only undermines the dignity of women with small breasts. By claiming that they encourage harm to children is absurd. There is no such evidence that suggest such things. Australia law on this is laughable and can easily be used to abuse. Are adults who are attracted to women with smaller breasts somehow deviant now?

actually,in fact i don’t think it should be banned,because sex dolls can somehow reduce the likelihood of crime

But was any sort of hypothetical reasoning or theorizing and/or experimentation done beforehand? Likely not, because that would require empathy, deductive reasoning, and discretion.

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yes, you have a point

The purpose of the law is to make it look like they’re being “tough on crime”. As for figuring out how to actually crackdown on crime, that is a tough, because there aren’t many magic bullets.

Tackling nation-wide depression could help (as depression factors into such crimes a fair bit), Denmark has a unique method for tackling depression. Depression is particularly high in schools, as we know sexual assaults are largely committed by minors, there must be some way to counter this.

Neglect / physical abuse also have a link to sex crimes, although people who have been purely sexually assaulted aren’t linked to such. This doesn’t mean it is appropriate to shame victims of abuse, simply on the premise they might be more likely to commit crimes, as some do on Twitter.

I’m not sure how spanking would tie into that as one could consider it physical abuse, although some would argue it doesn’t cross the threshold. It can somewhat leave someone faintly traumatized for a very long time however.

It should be noted that the sort of person who buys a sex doll is probably the sort of person who is very motivated not to have sex with children. I have seen one such person on a forum by the name of AtF.

These dolls are very, very expensive costing thousands of dollars. It doesn’t make sense to spend all that money, only to whimsically decide you want to molest your cousin instead or something. It is also very big and very physical contraband.

It would also help to enlist youth in Boy/Girl scout programs or Big Brother/Sister(not the show, but the programs that provide an parental surrogate-like figure to help damaged individuals gain warmth, safety and reassurance). We could do a lot to help those off in a worse position from us, and the first thing to do would be listening to them.

Australia strikes again:

Apparently “just a butt” is a classified as a child.

I’m currently contemplating offing myself, so I’m not really in the mood to be looking at news articles, but that sounds really stupid.

On the one hand, the dolls likely reduce crime, on the other hand, do you really want to be caught dead with one in this crazy society. It seems like abstinence from them is perhaps the best course of action in the interim.

First and most important LoliShadow, please don’t harm yourself. Although things are hard and unjust, you have many people who want to help and support you. If you would like to talk to someone, try one of these resources or DM me.


I agree with Terminus. You have more value than you know. I want you to take care of yourself, just like you’ve done for me and everyone else here. May you continue to inspire and encourage us.


Australia is literally burning. Its infrastructure sucks compared to developed countries in Europe, especially since internet speed sucks in Australia. People in Australia don’t really have privacy or freedom. Women in Australia have less freedom to do whatever they want to do with their bodies compared to women in Scandinavia. So, Australia is not a good country for female empowerment until Australia starts allowing women to change the sizes of their boobs. The Australians have become greedy and delusional. Plus, Australian banks are corrupt as hell. Which is why there are famous Australians that don’t want to come back to Australia again.

Obvious sarcasm above.

this one doesn’t have the picture but they’re usually very cute looking

was this posted already? labor is currently pushing 20 years for having a sex doll which is actually absurd and other states are considering it already.

Don’t forget that this is a country which thinks the law of Australia trumps the law of Math.


No, it wasn’t posted already so thanks for drawing this to our attention. You’re also right—this is utterly, completely absurd. Where is your source about the other states considering similar measures?


On the federal level it already is illegal and that was only recently with the amended criminal code of 1995 just last late year which added some amendments(273A.1) and these were pushed hard by YvetteDAth and Di Farmer. Now Yvette is trying to make it illegal on the state level and so much more severe. Also I suppose Im just expecting others to follow Yvette cause the other two major states are controlled by the biggest party leaders and each of them supported these amendments.

Be very watchful over this type of thing. They’re going to use the possessing of CSAM which victimizes actual children as a correlation to justify broad prohibition.

Australia is not a free nation. They don’t value freedom of speech or expression. They wish to censor and control the thoughts of their people. And it’s horrifying how they’ve managed to hijack so much of the scientific discussion regarding these dolls and their effects (or lack thereof) on crimes against children.