Child-like Sex Dolls are not related to CSAM possession

Throughout the late 2010s, one of the most common arguments made by proponents of sex doll bans is the baseless assertion that they are related to the possession of child sex abuse materials (CSAM), and will point to a handful of news articles and criminal cases where individuals busted for CSAM-possession-related crimes also happened to have a child sex doll.

While there is no question involving these cases, whether or not this occurs on the frequency necessary to assert a relationship between ownership of a doll and CSAM possession (as opposed to creation and distribution) is a matter they simply refuse to own up to, or even entertain.

To put it bluntly: it’s not.

While pedophilic persons may be motivated to own a child sex doll might also be motivated to view CSAM, the overwhelming majority of doll owners, like MAPs, are against CSAM, and plenty of other alternatives exist that do not involve the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. It is the existence and proliferation of these outlets that allows the market and demand for CSAM to take such a massive hit, to see deviation.
There’s an underlying psychological factor with regard to the use and engagement with CSAM that a lot of these proponents overlook, and it’s a combination of guilt + innate paternal instinct that are set off when such images are viewed, at least that’s what I’ve read from surveys/interviews conducted with post-release CSAM offenders.

And even then, if we play devil’s advocate and pretend, for the sake of argument, that consumers of CSAM are actually acquiring child-like sex dolls, is that really enough to demonstrate a relationship between the crime of CSAM possession and the act of simply owning a sex toy, to justify what is a criminal prohibition against an inanimate piece of rubber and plastic?

This is not a scenario I take pleasure in humoring, even if it is unfounded. Organizations like the Child Rescue Coalition (who were caught faking a story about a real child’s likeness being misappropriated by child sex doll makers in China to spur public outrage, thereby exploiting a real child for political gain in the process) will gladly overstate the frequency at which this type of thing occurs, while happily glancing over all of the other instances or cases where a doll served as probable cause for a warrant, only for investigators to not be able to find any actual CSAM.

They will gladly overlook the good work that @prostasia and others, including non-affiliated researchers, have done into researching who owns these types of dolls, including a study which found many contact offenders, as opposed to non-offenders, were found to be against doll use as a whole.

To put it simply, why should owners of dolls, who do not consume CSAM, be deprived of their right to own a doll? Wouldn’t it be better to keep the target drawn on those who engage in acts which actually contribute to the sexual exploitation of children?

They’re not harming any real children by simply owning a sex toy. They’re not going out and engaging in risk-supportive behavior. They’re simply using a doll that corresponds to their sexual interests.

Moreover, it seems like a “so there!” talking point, whereby proponents of criminalization will reach for the quickest thing to link it to in order to justify what they know is an irrational and heavy-handed attempt at feel-good criminalization, that will definitely wind up causing more harm than any form of good.

But I digress…

In any case, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter. I’d love for more sex doll owners to come forward and share their side, or any curious bystanders to step in and give their take on the issue. I’ve done my fair share of research, and the overall consensus on child-like sex dolls is 65-70% against criminalization, with the remainder either waivering or in support of criminalization.


It was almost a year ago when I joined VirPed after some time of lurking but being too scared to join a forum of like minded individuals. That is where I discovered the existence of child-like companion dolls, and it was true love at first sight.
For so many years I would hug my body pillow in bed, just wishing it was, or at least felt like embracing a small child.

I then started to research the types of dolls available, where they were and were not legal to own, and pending legislation. Being in a conservative state, I felt these doll bans may gain traction and become law here as well, so I felt that if I was ever going to have a companion doll, I had better order one soon.

At first I was slightly disappointed that the only dolls I could find were in the 110cm height which would be average for 5 year olds, and I really wanted a doll that looked younger than that. My searching eventually paid off, when I found a store that sold dolls the size of 4, 3, and 1 year olds. Not only did this store have dolls that were the peak of my attractions, but the owner seemed to genuinely care about MAPs and preventing real child abuse. The store also had its own forum so I could get a good idea of whom I was doing business with.

For 5 years I have lived with a life partner who is also minor attracted and although we are not married or have a sex life to speak of, I still asked her about getting a doll before I ordered. Luckily my partner was supportive of the idea, on the condition that she could have a doll as well. So in early 2022, I placed an order for two 4 year old sized companion dolls.

My doll arrived first and I even took off work early to welcome home my synthetic daughter. She came with a few accessories such as a comb for her wig, bottle for washing out her parts, a usb powered heating wand, and a plain white string bikini. Before she arrived I had purchased some clothes for her in size 4T which fit perfectly.
My partner’s doll became “lost” by UPS after arriving from China, however they did refund the factory for the lost shipment and a replacement doll was built and eventually received.

At first the attraction to my doll was mostly sexual and I enjoyed intercourse with her several times per week. Gradually, the feelings toward my doll became more emotional and while I would have sex with her less frequently, I still wanted to have her near me to hold and cuddle.

About three months after I received my doll, a new 88cm toddler doll was offered and aside from my sexual desire for her body type, I also wanted my current doll to have a little sister. I didn’t have all the money needed, but the store owner let me set up an interest free payment plan, and by mid 2022, the toddler doll arrived home.

Together, my small companion dolls became the daughters that I could only dream about before.
Although it may be taboo form of love, there is no doubt that the love I have for them is real and fulfilling. They are not my only fantasy sexual outlet as I still enjoy role play / age play with other adults online and have personal fetishes. However I can honestly say that child size companion dolls have made a big positive impact in my life and I never want to be without them again.

I don’t expect their synthetic bodies will last forever, even with the best skin care I can provide, but if the day comes when they need to be laid to rest, it will be done in the most respectful manner. Just as if they had been alive, I know it would be a true heartbreaking experience for me.
I really do love them, my synthetic daughters Esther and Madeline.


I have mention before in the forum, I work in Yokohama treatment clinic where we use child sex doll in therapy with pedophile to try to prevent or eliminate real world interactions. Banning doll will make problems worse not better.



This is anecdotal but for myself, I had gone through a terrible breakup that involved discovering that the person to whom I had been in love with for almost a year turned out to actually be an older white guy pretending to be a younger (still adult) half-Japanese lesbian. I had gone through plenty of breakups before, but that one shook me to my core. I thought I had finally found another woman who shared in my attraction with whom I could be completely open and myself around. It was the most intense love I had ever felt. And discovering that it was all based upon a lie… it was a catfisher… it hurt, really badly. The worst was at night, when I’d previously been up into the wee hours of the night chatting through my phone with her. Those hours were now empty, quiet, and lonely, alone with only my own thoughts and the fear that I’d never be able to find anyone like the person who I thought they were again. I’d be lying if I said that thoughts of suicide weren’t running through my head.

So, I bought a doll. I don’t have CSAM, I don’t groom kids, I don’t work with kids, I don’t even know any kids. But, I bought a doll, not to really do any sexual things with, although the doll I selected did have a very attractive body. I got her just to cuddle with, at night, so I wouldn’t feel quite so alone. I don’t know if the doll kept me from suicide or if I was on the mend emotionally already, but she definitely helped me feel even the slightest bit less alone at night when I was at my lowest.


I’m so sorry you went through that. Deceiving people like that is shitty, inexcusable behavior, no matter ethnicity or gender. I hope you find solace with your doll, and I hope you find somebody special you can share true love with.

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Hi CherryBDandy,
Thanks for your input on dolls. I think your story really dives home the point I was trying to make that these dolls really are more than “sex toys”. For many, if not most owners, these are companion dolls. Even those I have met that regularly do use them for sex, they don’t just keep them stuffed nude in a closet as something to be used and hidden away.
Since I never had children myself and I am incapable of having them with my partner, I did feel like I was missing out on being able to express nurturing emotions. My dolls really have filled that hole in my heart.