Germany: new law will allow trans people an easier gender change

It’s been six months since the new government is in charge and this new law reflects how different they are.

This law only handles the legal documents side of things and will be in full effect mid 2023. A law regulating the gender change operation will be discussed as well, but needs more time drafting.

People might get two passports (one with the gender they identify with and a copy of their old one, so that they can legally travel without catching the eyes of states who either punish trans people, or discriminate them. Allowing them a safe/incognito travel into those countries as well).


Any updates to this, though?

The post also has links, but obviously those links are in German.

Can you please quote the relevant messages and when they were posted? Not a fan of visiting random forums I never heard of. All I know is that Germany asks Google to blacklist search results, so that they don’t appear anymore, but this applies to every 18+ media.

What? It’s a loli website. Given your PFP, I would have thought that you would appreciate it. That being said, here is the exact copypaste:

There is an immediate threat of legal change in Germany to increase prosecution of expression and media, including erotic lolis and shotas. Especially if you understand German, please help.

In Germany, the executive administration, run by the party named “Christian Democratic Union” (CDU) and Chancelor Angela Merkel have submitted proposed revision of the Network Enforcement Law Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz (NetzDG).

The Alternative for Germany/Alternativ fuer Deutschland (AfD) party has proposed replacing the NetzDG with a law guaranteeing freedom of expression and mandating following due process in removing content. (Drucksache 19/81) Those protections of rights were rejected by other parties, including the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Those who have not been closely following might expect that a party named the ‘Free Democratic Party’ would support freedom of expression, however that is not the case: the FDP also advocated for criminalizing expression and granting the government far reaching surveillance powers.

in Germany require social media services to report user data to the police when someone posts lewd loli.
and connection data (IP address). Erotic loli is only one of the ‘severe crimes’ to mandate reporting to the police. Other misdeeds requiring that companies give user information to the government include making statements to the right of the establishment parties or ‘hate speech’.
Help stop Germany’s proposed new legal changes!
The political parties advocating these dystopian policies profusely claim to do so in the name of forbidding ‘hate speech’ – but they never apply those protections to some sexual orientations. To the contrary, they simultaneously seek further prosecution/persecution.

The law is also intended for prosecuting expressions of animosity or sexism towards women. “frauenfeindlichen oder sexistischen Motiven”

A person or party who feels insulted or threatened shall easily get the data of the person they feel insulted or threatened them.

The German police have used illegal intimidation to suppress media which would run counter to their agenda.

Rhetoric about the law frequently refers to combating ‘right wing extremism’ but does not mention Germany’s problem of left wing extremism.

Law changes / Änderung des Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetzes

That guy is overreacting lmao. That news is also not recent since the “Christian Democratic Union” is not even in charge anymore. The new governement despises NetzDG themselves and want to abolish it. They’re currently waiting out how the new Digital Services Act turns out and then either adopt that and abolish theirs, or make the NetzDG less invasive.

Yes it is true that distribution is illegal and can result in a criminal charge, but the gov. has to take freedom of art into consideration. I visited Germanys biggest Anime Convention with a friend and in the 18+ section we saw a female loli artist. I looked her up and she is also present in other anime conventions throughout Germany. There is really no legal interest to pursue this especially with the current government.

New Federal Ministre of Justice is a liberal and he has been pushing all these liberal laws. Here is also
a quote from a legal paper the previous gov. drafted showing that even they barely cared:

Because a real child is not involved, nor is it to be feared in the same way that fictitious depictions encourage consumers to imitate them.


The Federal Government also made it clear that the criminal offense “should remain limited” to cases “in which an actual event is reproduced through video film, film or photo”. On the other hand, it did not regard the sanction of the regulation as fulfilled in the case of “child pornographic novels, drawings and cartoons”, because their possession did not contribute to children being abused as “actors” in pornographic recordings.
-BGH 1 StR 8/13 quoting Drucksache 12/3001

They don’t care esp. since the expert commission:

On the other hand, the Reform Commission has recommended that criminal liability for fictitious child and youth pornography that is clearly recognisable as such be dropped altogether, since clearly artificial depictions need not be prohibited to protect sexual self-determination.[81] Decriminalisation would not only focus pornography offences on the protection of sexual self-determination,[82] but also corresponds to European law requirements: Art. 20 para. 3 of the Lanzarote Convention

I think the reason it is still possible to be charged with it is, that removing it would also require an entire overhaul of other youth protection laws.

Not sure if Cringe is still on this site, but you should also tell him, as well: