Horrifying study: 33-50% of mothers get SEXUALLY AROUSED WHILE BREASTFEEDING

This is a horrifying revelation. How should we deal with this problem?

Breastfeeding is a necessity, but it becomes exploitation when the mother experiences sexual arousal or gratification from breastfeeding. What is the best way forward?

If a woman knows she will be sexually aroused while breastfeeding, should she hire someone else to breastfeed? This is a MAJOR FUCKING PROBLEM.

No, it doesn’t. Assuming that it motivates no further actions, this is literally a thoughtcrime. Nice spook, nerd.


There’s nothing in the Abstract saying that, and the rest is paywalled. Maybe you should quote the part that shocks you.

It’s a bit late in human evolution to become alarmed about such regularities, if it’s true.


Amico, sarcasm is borderline impossible to read through text, so this comes across as you being 100% serious. Unless you ARE in fact entirely serious, in which case this isn’t even remotely an issue except for people who don’t understand that, yes, stimulation of the nipples can often lead to arousal, even when doing something as innocuous as breastfeeding. Arousal in and of itself is NEVER something to be ashamed of, it’s just a part of the human experience.


" Arousal in and of itself is NEVER something to be ashamed of, it’s just a part of the human experience."

I disagree, if it involves children it IS something to be ashamed of. You should visit a REAL charity like Stopitnow. Much better than Prostasia

Emotions are nothing to feel ashamed of. Shaming people just for how they feel will only make them feel like shit for something they can’t control. Your approach is more likely to induce depression, anxiety, despair, desperation, etc., which will only increase a pedophile’s likelihood of doing something drastic (suicide, assault, etc.).

Y’know that plenty of mothers orgasm during childbirth, right? All because of physical stimulation. You gonna call every mother who gets aroused while birthing and breastfeeding perverted freaks? Cuz that’s how lots of them feel, even though it literally isn’t their fault. You’re literally shaming mothers’ bodies for reacting from stimulation.


“Y’know that plenty of mothers orgasm during childbirth,”

This is how I know you are lying. This never happens as childbirth is typically painful. Eitherway, the way the laws in my country (australia) is written is if you do something that you reasonably should had known would be sexually arousing that also involves physical contact with a child, you are guilty of at least a criminal offense. For example, if you are breastfeeding and you know you would experience arousal and you breastfeed anyways, you can be put on trial for an exploitation offense. Usually they don’t but even if they don’t they can have taken kids away from mothers over this in the past.

Oh, it’s this person Q fanatic again…


Australia is a filthy country where porn involving adults confirmed to be over the age of 18 can be seen as “child porn” just because they appear underage. Crawl back to your barbie, shrimp.


StopItNow actually is a valued friend and partner of @prostasia and shares a lot of our ideals and values.


For example, if you are breastfeeding and you know you would experience arousal and you breastfeed anyways, you can be put on trial for an exploitation offense.

…what the actual fuck are you talking about, you psycho? Jesus Christ, Australia sounds more and more dystopian by the minute. Have fun in your emotionally repressive Land Down Under, mate.


This is how I know you are lying. This never happens as childbirth is typically painful.

So you’re just gonna ignore research and testimony from countless women, eh? Y’know, being in extreme pain doesn’t prevent people from orgasming, right? Shit, for some folks it’s downright essential…


That is not what a thoughtcrime is. Thoughtcrime is criminalizing peaceful protest. What the OP describes is basic child protection. Of course it should not be legal for caretakers to breastfeed their children if they know they will experience sexual arousal or gratification.

Breastfeeding, clothing, hugging children are a natural part of being a parent, but if a parent knows he or she would experience sexual arousal or gratification, and does so anyways under Australian federal law, it becomes a criminal offense, punishable by up to 3 years in prison. In reality, child protection services, at least here in Adelaide won’t press charges, but will use the law as a reason to take your children away to give them to real parents who don’t have sexual dysfunctions.

Shit, for some folks it’s downright essential…

You keep condoning people touching children while experiencing sexual gratification, and I will keep calling you out on this. No, it’s not acceptable to give birth while experiencing orgasm. I’m not here to debate this with you…

Let me guess, you also don’t consider it rape if the victim gets aroused? People can’t control whether or not they get aroused, and them getting aroused doesn’t harm others around them, so it makes zero sense for you to be getting upset at them about it.

Also, if you’re gonna call a mother feeding her child “touching children” to intentionally make it sound bad, it’s pretty obvious you’re not arguing in good faith.


Nobody is condoning child abuse.
Prostasia and its community recognizes all forms of adult-child sexual contact as child sex abuse, and recognizes that children cannot consent to such acts as adults would, but the issue at hand in the OP is not that, nor is it an issue of concern.
It’s perfectly normal for women to become sexually aroused through the stimulation of the breasts or nipples, so this is just something that happens. So long as the woman doesn’t molest or sexually aggress against the child, there’s no issue.

Deal with it.


Then GTFO. You’ve convinced no one. You’re an imbecile from, giving where I believe Adelaide is, a shithole country that criminalizes porn made by adults just because they look underage. “I’m not here to debate this with you…” See how easy it is to make that statement. Now, retire, old villain. I shall not sully my weapons with your blood.


Nice, accusing me of condoning molestation, putting words in my mouth.

You really don’t have any real argument aside from “arousal from birthing/breastfeeding/being raped doesn’t happen, liar”. Which is blatantly untrue.

“If a woman IS aroused from this, she’s sick and gross and nasty!” Hell, you straight up admitted just now you ain’t interesting in actually debating, just shoving your (incorrect) opinion down our throats. Fucking clown…


If you honestly think that Stop It Now (a partner of Prostasia’s, by the way) would shame mothers for experiencing physical arousal during breastfeeding, then you truly don’t know anything about Stop It Now.


There needs to be a StopItNow for people who are so unhinged by sexual arousal that they would ban millions of mothers from having children because the breast areolae might produce some arousal. Sex neurosis like this is extremely damaging to society, attempts to imprison and defame large numbers of completely harmless people, and corrupts culture. Its proponents think it safeguards people for idealistic militarized purity, but in fact, anyone they successfully cocoon in this way is probably going to grow up so twisted in psyche that they’ll be a present danger to everyone they coexist with.


This is ridiculous trolling. This phenomenon has been studied for over 50 years, this is not some startling new revelation.

Evolution does not make mistakes, if there is a structure there then there is a purpose for it. In this case, at least two known ones.

First, scientists have concluded that the micro-contractions of uterine muscles during nursing essentially help to get the uterus back into shape after the relative trauma of birth.

Second, evolutionary biologists believe that sexual feelings caused by the infant/toddler sucking the mother’s nipples encourages more frequent breastfeeding. In the same way that sexual intercourse feeling pleasurable encourages propagation of the species. Both are crucial to the continuation of human life.

Read some books and take your trolling to Twitter.