In America, Your Sexual Fantasies Are Dangerous Article

I never knew sexual fantasies could be twisted against someone like that, that is very problematic. Would end-to-end encryption help here to avoid out of context emails falling into the wrong hands? Do such places need more explicit disclaimers to tell police nothing suspect is going on?


Like what was mentioned in another thread about stings, nowadays, even the juries aren’t impartial due to the influence of false morality, which causes thoughtcrimes.
For example, “If he fantasized it, it’s because he actually wants it” is logically incorrect. He fantasizing something just means that he enjoys the feeling as if the thing exists. We enjoy the unreal elements of games or movies just because we like the feelings, while we may not want to have the things come to real. Thanks to these convictions for seeking feelings without harming actual things, our freedom of thoughts are flushed away like a toilet paper.


Yes, using encrypted, anonymous messaging is really advisable if you’re going to be doing age play or other fantasy role play online. Law enforcement partner Thorn has some software that it claims can detect grooming online automatically, and major Internet platforms are using it. We have grave fears that this software would wrongly classify fantasy chats between adults. However, Thorn has refused to provide us with access to their technology so that we can evaluate it. So, stay safe and don’t trust unencrypted Internet platforms.


Updating this thread with a link to our new article on ageplay safety tips.