Keep an eye out for trolls

Was going through my followers on twitter, found this. Keep an eye out everyone. Misinformation is glaring, but not everyone knows what to look for.

Spoken like somebody who has probably never visited here a day in their life.


We have an entire thread on this particular troll. He should be blocked with extreme prejudice.

the troll I was referring to was jess clover and their comments, not ferdeline and his


Oh, trolls? Where are there not trolls? I was on a site once where pedophiles went on a long rant about how much they hate LGBT. And it was strange. It turns out some trolls were saying incessantly that pedophiles want to “join” LGBT and corrupt it.

On occasion, you see trolls pretending to having been cured. Their sheer trollishness shows itself and they have no clue which drugs you even use. Or what therapy. There are a lot of those nowadays. They don the anti flag and strut around.

Some trolls will pretend to be “pro-contact”. But their posts will be so over the top and ridiculous it is glaringly obvious to any map who looks. The only ones who fall for it and start harassing them are other trolls and antis. I know very well the sorts of arguments they make.

Co-ordinated disinformation campaign. And the very mindset which leads to trolls doing what they do is the same mindset which makes it impossible for them to behave in any way I would perceive as normal. Sarah Philimore might have a better time at it. People around the circles of Mumsnet have historically succeeded in infiltrating map communities decades ago.