PLEASE stop trying to legalize child sex dolls

It’s so fucking disgusting IDK how someone can support something like this WTF is wrong with you these dolls don’t even look like they could be borderline they look UNQUESTIONABLY like A CHILD like literally look like 6-8 year olds how can anyone think it’s OK to use these child sexual abuse dolls??? It is unacceptable.

How pronogrified do you want our culture to be? We already sexualized 18-120 year olds with impunity why do you want to sexualize CHILDREN??? It is a sickness. I cannot understand it. PLEASE LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN. I don’t want to lock people in prison for owning these dolls but can we please FINE them thousands of dollars at least??? maybe that could be a compromise???

There is no evidence that this will have any effect on culture as a whole, considering the subject matter is already controversial and uncomfortable for many. All the Prostasia foundation is trying to do is prevent what is essentially a heinous and cruel act of paternalistic prohibition and censorship from being imposed on law-abiding citizens who have committed no crimes against children.

The sexualization of children isn’t an issue. Countries such as the United States, Japan and Denmark legalize the sale, possession, and distribution of “virtual” child pornography, sexually explicit material that “appears to depict” a minor but does, in fact, not. Japan and Denmark have some of the lowest statistics in regards to sexual crimes against minors (or sex crimes in general) which is positively outstanding, considering Japan’s high population and economic presence on the world stage. Studies have been conducted on this phenomena, and the majority consensus of the scientific community seems to be that the availability of pornography in a region may in fact have a direct correlation with sex crimes, in that they reduce their likelihood. Sex dolls are no different in this respect.

If your argument for why child sex dolls should be criminalized hinders upon alleged cultural or social implications, then your argument is very weak and unsubstantiated. The law makes it very clear that anythig involving actual children is criminal, and justifiably so. The aim of the Prostasia Foundation isn’t to legalize child sex abuse, rather, it’s to prevent it while also offering reasonable, evidence-based approaches that don’t involve prohibition or criminalization of imagery, thoughts, or ideas often associated with the act of child sex abuse.


Why the fuck does it have to be completely decriminalized???

Why can’t we just FINE these sick fucks thousands of dollars as a standalone punishment??? Like I literally don’t understand your extreme obsession with defending this. Really the hill to die on? I’m fucking done with this forum FUCK PROSTASIA

Let children be children. Let dolls be dolls.


Because it is a distraction from what would actually protect children from abuse. It’s dishonest, and it feeds into the same stigma that kills LGBTQ+ people and sex workers. There is a law in Congress that would provide $5b in new funding for CSA prevention and enforcement. Almost no members of Congress are supporting it. Instead they are supporting a law to ban dolls, that wouldn’t save a single child from abuse (and could do the opposite). It’s infuriating and damn right we are speaking up about it.


Oh no! How awful! Pedophiles won’t be allowed to simulate child rape! This is thought crime! This is censorship! Pedophiles are the most oppressed group of all!

Those innocent pedophiles just want to rape kids! There are so many puritans who don’t want pedophiles to act out their wholesome child rape fantasies!

But seriously, I’d rather all of society be burned to the ground than virtual child rape become an acceptable thing. If that’s the path you want to go down, then humanity is doomed.

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Oh no! How awful! Pedophiles won’t be allowed to simulate child rape! This is thought crime! This is censorship! Pedophiles are the most oppressed group of all!

Thank you for putting this out bluntly! People on this forum don’t seem to understand. I found screenshots of their ridiculous posts on our group and just HAD to make an account. People here are nuts.

In all seriousness, I think people with these deviant thoughts need to seek out therapy, not child s*x abuse dolls. Orgs like StopitnowUK offer great services.

Assaulting children is inherently harmful. With child dolls, there is no negative feedback. So the child predator acting out on the dolls gets a pleasant experience from it, but does not get subjected to stuff like fighting back, screaming, crying, etc. This obviously has the effect of desensitizing the child predator to child rape.

The problem here is that child predators believe they are in the right, and that they have the right to act out their desire of raping children.

It’s exactly the same as Neo-Nazis who believe other races are inferior. They believe it’s other people that are intolerant, and that they, the Neo-Nazis, must be allowed to do whatever heinous acts they wish.


You’re invoking a flawed, inaccurate characterization of what you think psychology is, and it’s pathetic. Legal moralism has always been and will continue to be a flawed theory of law.

Child dolls ARE harmless and so far none of your kind have been able to prove that they are. You keep regurgitating the same arguments over and over and over and, as we’ve backed up with scientific literature, have failed to rebut our points.

And yes, pedophiles ARE becoming an oppressed group when you try to criminalize their very thoughts, ideas, and desires without probable cause, due process, or respect for their rights out of a sensationalist and flawed idea that they will harm children if they’re allowed to explore their desires, which the science has shown the commission of contact offenses to be dictated by variables not linked to the subject matter that makes up their desires.
Please refer to my previous posts in the thread on the issue.


No kidding. Of course they are. Child dolls aren’t the ones acting out child rape!

I’m not worried so much about the dolls. I’m more worried about the deranged monsters who use them, because people who think child rape fantasies are a harmless hobby should not be allowed to run free in society!

There’s no evidence to suggest that they will, nor is there evidence that the dolls will have any relation to that, which is what we’re trying to tell you people. All of that talk is hearsay and sensationalism, you’re falling for a boogeyman.


About as harmless as murder and cannibalism fantasies, anyway. Which is to say completely harmless.


Jeremy, do we know where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands on this ridiculous bill? And what members, civil libertarians, leftists, could we push to vote no?


Also, could you send me the link to the actual legislation under debate? Thank you in advance!


The problem is that if a sex doll law makes it out of committee, politicians will have no choice but to vote for it, since they will be smeared otherwise. That’s why we have to kill it in committee by pointing out that abuse prevention experts don’t support it.


Here is a link to the sex doll ban law:

Here is our campaign to stop it, and to prioritize child sexual abuse prevention instead:


Thank you, and thanks for the email!


Most normal people do not care about what a tiny number of fringe “intellectuals” think. If almost everyone thinks it’s wrong, than it’s wrong. We live in a democracy so that means the majority should be able to decide everything. That’s literally the whole point of democracy!

And human rights exist precisely to stop majoritarian rule from trampling the rights of minorities. Democracy isn’t complete without robust human rights protection. At a fundamental level, you have a human right to privacy in your own bedroom. The government does not have the right to tell you how you are allowed to masturbate.