Recent Vice article on why Japan hasn't banned loli

The best and most in-depth article on this issue and it touches upon the recent Japanese communist push to regulate it that sparked the massive discussion going on in Japan currently and this very article.


Now, should I bother stomaching to read this article, or will it read like a propaganda piece?


Outside of the clickbaity title, you will probably learn something from the article. It surprised me with how knowledgeable it was and I would struggle to digup another well researched article such as it


Ugh, Vice.

The same cockroaches that thought Cuties was badly marketed.


Such a ban IS an infringement on the rights of creators and consumers because no causal link exists to justify the ban!

Whatever anecdotal evidence opponents of lolicon manga may have to cite does very little to answer the question whether the perpetrator’s prolonged and obsessive engagement with the material was the catalyst that set off the commission of their sexual offenses, especially when such cases are the slim minority.

Moreover, how in the hell can they claim that such materials would “normalize” pedophilia and child sex abuse when those materials have been legal there since the end of WW2??
I’m sure the sexual abuse of children has only become MORE of a taboo there, since people care about children.

There really is no rationalizing the desire to ban speech on the basis of offense. These prigs will reach around the goddamn milky way galaxy because they’re too ashamed to say “it hurts my feewings”.


I mean, I also think it was badly market by Netflix

One of the most notorious examples of sexual depictions of children in manga increasing the risk of sex crimes is the anime-loving serial “Otaku Killer,” Tsutomu Miyazaki, who gruesomely raped and murdered four young girls over the span of a year. […] Sociologists at the time argued his obsession with such illustrations encouraged him to act on his fantasies.

I hate this non-argument. Finding fictional CP at people who did bad things does not mean that the fictional CP was a factor leading to them doing bad things. It’s one of the most fundamental scientific fallacies, and yet is used to limit freedom of speech all over the world. You could just as well argue that shoes lead to CSA, because I am pretty sure that the police found a variety of shoes at every abuser’s home. And if fictional CP is fairly common in Japan, it is to be statistically expected that some criminals would have it as well.


Though Japan’s manga comic industry was worth about [1.6 trillion yen] ($14 billion) in 2020, child abuse only makes up a fraction of it. But the media is widely available online and in bookstores.

How am I supposed to take an article serious that calls Manga “child abuse”.


@Cringe Yep, you have to pick through a lot of the bad. But it’s a decent article for outsiders that arent exactly upto date with a lot of the drama brewing inside Japan regarding this stuff.

Eh, that’s like saying not all the peasants wanted to burn the “witches”. See. I’m not that nice:



The grifters over at TraffickingHub seem to love it, though.

I called her out saying
“how can you claim ‘normalization’ when it’s been legal and cases like this are the minority?”
Blocked lol



This guy wins the entire Internet as far as I’m concerned.


I’d think that this Mike person wins it harder because he brought up actionable information to take down one of our enemies. I don’t want to improve what our enemies think of us. I want them shown to be the hypocrites that they are and tangibly removed for it.

Mike’s reply was good too.

Or eating Subway sandwiches.

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I remember a part of the article where the guy compared these drawings with a minority like LGBT.

I can’t take people serious anymore who stand up for minorities, but pro-actively want MAPs to die and suffer.

“iTs DifFerRent”

As if anyone chooses their attraction. Just this week a big politician said he does not care what sexual orientation someone has - anyone can enter politics except pedophiles. Excluding someone, for what he was born with and who didn’t hurt anyone, from democracy is disgusting.


In about 10 years, we’re hopefully going to look back on all of this… pedo panic nonsense and never allow our society to repeat the mistakes of those who sought to “cleanse” the world of “undesirables”.

“Hey kid, your safe now…god did he touch you…here have this”

Hands a teddy bear to a laptop showing an drawing of a loli

I genuinely mean this, the best way to make me absolutely hate you is telling me a drawing is the same as CSEM

I can assure you, if they ever saw CSEM they would change their mind FAST

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He could have at least been honest and said that we need more politicians who originally went to school for an art degree.