Several Polls found on Reddit Comparing Nazi vs Pedophile

Though these are just from Reddit, which isn’t a particularly notable source to spend too much time and effort analyzing serious topics from, I still find these charts of interest. The poll results are small-scale, but I feel that even if exposed to a larger populace that is just as general as the casual Reddit user, the results would probably retain roughly the same ratio.

poll pedophile-vs-nazi2

poll pedophile-vs-nazi

This is a demonstration of just how one-sided the distribution of hatred is towards the innate actuality of Pedophilia compared against a totalitarian regime that has resulted in mass death and torture. Comparatively, Pedophilia by definition alone does not inherently denote mass child abuse (whereby if there was no such thing as Pedophilia, while whether or not there would still be a supply and demand for CSA is debatable, abused children would still be just as prominent of a problem).

With the way the polls are written without explicitly stating whether any sort of action has or is being taken place, the notion of “Pedophile [doing nothing]” is so easily and subtly replaced with “Pedophile [harming children]” in the minds of the reader who does not question the lack of distinction or clarification. I think in such a case, we are no longer talking about a Pedophile, but rather, a Child Abuser, which does not require the person to even be a Pedophile at all. In, for example, “Carpenter [doing nothing]” versus “Carpenter [harming children]”, there is a very clear distinction that these two Carpenters are not the same. I think that in any controversial matter it serves humanity best to be as concise as possible.

I have been tempted to post a question, “What does a Pedophile do?” to gauge all of the different responses as to what kind of verb or action do people most commonly believe a Pedophile is associated with. If most would respond with some variation of “Prey on children”, then that would confirm from an alternative perspective that there really must be some misunderstanding of the term as it would coincide with what has been demonstrated in these polls.

There seems to be less knowledge, desire, initiative, or consideration to raise awareness of the key difference between a Child-Abuser and a Pedophile, in that the latter becomes so comfortably used as a synonym when it truly ought not be. The notion of “Pedophile = Child Abuser” is too strongly engraved into so many minds.

I think that really is quite unfortunate that we have reached this conclusion, but I am still hopeful to one day see this be corrected.


I mean the first one would actually make sense because you can stop being a Nazi


I think a lot of this stems from the fact that a lot of people tend to conflate ‘pedophile’ with ‘child molester/abuser’. They are not at all the same, as a sizeable proportion (estimated to be roughly half) of all child abusers lack a primary, let alone present, sexual interest in children, and the majority of those who are pedophilic tend to do so because of a comorbidity of other conditions, such as psycho-social pathology.
The motivation facilitation model for sexual offending goes over this quite a bit, but it seems to overestimate the amount of risk that a pedophilic orientation has.

I feel like if more people understood the difference between pedophilia and child sex abuse, and also understood that the majority of pedophiles are non-offending and possibly anti-contact, then we would probably see less “kill”.


The funniest thing about this stupid shit is something I’ve brought up here before:

“The pink triangle was also assigned to others considered sexual deviants, including zoophiles and pedophiles in addition to sex offenders.”

The Nazis targeted ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY they deemed degenerate. Expressing (or worse, fulfilling) the desire to exterminate degenerates already puts you several uncomfortable steps closer to the genocidal eugenics of the Nazi regime. Everybody who clicked they’d want to be neither and then clicked they’d rather kill pedophiles all really shoulda just stopped pussyfooting around and just clicked “yeah, I’d rather be a murderous fascist” in the first place…


When they clicked neither initially, they must have meant that they don’t like Hugo Boss… And that’s the real crime.

Yet you seem to be doing so anyway…

‘Online polls. Social Media trolls.’

It’s probably more than a coincidence these terms rhyme. Especially when the question setter is being so obviously disingenuous and biased.

It’s significant that in the first poll, they’ve put: “Results because you can’t bring yourself to pick an option, even though it’s anonym…” rather than simply “Neither of these two options”. Nonetheless, there’s at least 50% (2.4k) of respondents who are determined to express that they’re not going to be manipulated in this way.

Or that in the second, the question setter manipulates the reader into imagining a scenario where they can play God, stroking the readers ego in the process. (Psychologically: “You have to kill one” - this command takes away any responsibility in the mind [pre-frontal cortex] of the reader, so that they don’t feel morally responsible for their decision.)

It does, however, encourage readers to consider (however subliminally) that it’s OK to think of certain people, who present certain characteristics, as beneath a level of expectation that they should be viewed as having the same rights that the reader expects to get for him/herself. That is the most basic criterion there is to describe a nazi.

As always, these polls say a lot more about the mindset of those who set and respond to them than the subject they purport to be about.

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