Site for pedos to get help

Stop having sexual thoughts about children.

Hi anonymous,

Stopitnow is a crisis line for those who are concerned about their behaviour towards children, whether they are paedophiles or not. It’s not really suitable for those who struggle with attraction to children in different ways, such as self hate and depression. I personally have serious issues with stopitnow UK and their methods and would recommend avoiding them for most people but for those in crisis situations it can be the only option. Additionally it’s important to note that there is no evidence to suggest a paedophiles sexual thoughts about children can in any way be stopped.

It’s also important to note that paedophiles are not an inherent danger to children as you may think. We are people who have thoughts and feelings, and we possess morals like anyone else. Only a small minority of paedophiles will ever act on their attraction with a child.

You have good intentions, however you don’t have all the information, so you’re actions may be misplaced and you can end up doing more harm than good. You just so happened to have stumbled upon a great resource to learn and discuss about paedophilia and CSA, perhaps use this as a learning opportunity and contribute to ongoing discussions on abuse prevention.

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I’ve reported your pieces of spam. This is clearly a troll, don’t bother feeding them.

The other trolls at-least pretend to be the slightest bit subtle, original, and capable of typing paragraphs which can tickle my intellectual curiosity. This one just spams and their spam is hardly original.

Edit: As you can see, they just post the same thing over and over. It is very clear they’re a spammer and not a serious user. Spam is a category of content which does not constitute protected speech under the First Amendment, or any other standard of free speech.


Under the First Amendment, pro-contact ideology would indeed be protected speech, as would Nazi speech. Libel, such as that being espoused by you, is not protected speech, and I could sue you for damages.

However, neither Nazi or other highly controversial ideology are present here, except for a couple of people who consequently ended up looking a bit like a couple of clowns. The use of the term “normalizing”, as mentioned in many threads, is fascist ideology to attempt to discredit dissenting views.

You are such a dunce. Pro contact ideology falls under incitement to violence. Not protected speech.

You may have wanted to use your limited quota of posts on more productive endeavors than posting the same thing over and over in great futility. What exactly does it change if you post it once compared to ten times?

I recommend mass-reporting spam.


I flagged the posts on the alt as spam, with the exception of two which were sufficiently constructed to meander into the realm of discourse. It still looks like a troll, and will only serve to drag down the quality of discourse with their random low quality posts.

@terminus I recommend banning it for attempting to circumvent ratelimits to prevent spam.

The user has been suspended for abuse (but their non-abusive posts have been kept up).

Almost all of their posts, bar a couple, are intended to be abusive, on both accounts. They’re also spam. The same thing over and over. Post it once, don’t fill the board.

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@terminus He is spamming again with the same link + hardly concealed insults on a third account now. He is making the forum unusable and impossible to follow discussions.

As we’ll be officially announcing soon, Prostasia has an agreement with Stop It Now to include their helpline operators in MAP Support Club, the peer support group that we sponsor. Their first session took place this week and was successful. So it’s a little ironic that this anonymous troll is spamming our forum about Stop It Now. Insulting people isn’t the way to encourage them to seek whatever help they may need.

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That’s good to hear and I hope it goes well. I however won’t have anything to do with Stop It Now UK while they maintain their strict anti fantasy and, in my opinion, pro shame and pro self hate attitude towards MAPs. Speaking from the last time they were in MSC the only time I sat in on a session their attitude angered me quite strongly.

Stop It Now (US) doesn’t have that policy. You’re thinking of the UK Stop It Now.

Ah okay, I have no issue with stop it now US. Always confusing. Last time they were from the UK one and the link that was spammed was for the UK one, so in context that what I was thinking of.

You seem to be under the impression that Stop It Now UK’s job is “map rights” or to “help you”. Their job is to “prevent crime”. Stop It Now! UK receives a significant amount of money from the British Government, and was funded by a baroness.

Stop It Now! UK has strong ties to law enforcement, as does StopSO, and some of the other programs in the United Kingdom. In fact, StopSO has a police chief by the name of Simon Bailey, who wants to ban encryption as one of their staff.

He also wants to reduce police oversight. This is unsurprising as the police will do anything to make their jobs easier. Fantasy is is also all but illegal in the United Kingdom. Some report, perusing images of children for sexual purposes may be illegal. Cartoons are illegal. Watching children outside is a suspicious sign which gets someone reported to the police. Dolls are illegal. They don’t want maps working in youth groups for obvious reasons.

They can’t go around telling people to go break the law, so they will naturally lean towards those tactics. Pro-shame and pro-self-hate isn’t a common tactic to prevent crime or sexualized thoughts either. Virped embraces it and leans strongly towards it.

The only organization which might care about “map rights” or “you well-being” is B4UAct. Even Prostasia is run by a psychopath who doesn’t care about people committing suicide, except when it’s inherently a win-win proposition. These are referred to as “acceptable losses”. This is if they even pretend to notice it, this usually only happens when it serves their purposes. Hell, he can’t even be bothered to delete all the pieces of spam.

How does someone reach a zen-like state, in spite the fact some random person on the internet might look at images of them? How do you get society to reach a zen-like state with lots of crime going on, and horrific child killers appearing on occasion? I am trying to find ways to reduce homicide to reduce that variable, but it is really a subject with too little interest.

Is it even possible for everyone to reach that sort of uncaring and indifferent state? Bear in mind, indifferent and uncaring states may be connected to psychopathy and uncaring in other areas, which would only result in more problems for society.

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Personally I’ve always subscribed to the belief that reduction of crime in the UK isn’t the goal and never has been. If anything, it’s to jail more people.

Judges and politicians have shares in prisons and incarcerating people gets them more money.

I mean, could you imagine all those prisons sitting empty? There’s absolutely no profit to be made in that.

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand

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Does the United Kingdom even have the money to throw all of those people in prison? Austerity is brutal.

Probably not at the moment. I don’t believe they’ve been bothering with trials since the pandemic started.

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Aren’t they livestreaming the trials?

Ah, I suppose they might be doing that. I just remember they were postponed for a while.