The children selling explicit videos on OnlyFans

I don’t care for the BBC, but anyway…

British subscription site OnlyFans is failing to prevent underage users from selling and appearing in explicit videos, a BBC investigation has found.

Under-18s have used fake identification to set up accounts, and police say a 14-year-old used a grandmother’s passport.

The UK’s most senior police officer for child protection also says children are being “exploited” on the platform.

OnlyFans says its age verification systems go over and above regulatory requirements.

The platform has more than a million “creators” who share video clips, photos and messages directly with subscribers for a monthly fee.

In return for hosting the material, OnlyFans takes a 20% share of all payments.

No amount of verification will ever stop determined minors.


Unfortunately, younger people will do stupid stuff like this if they want something bad enough.

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Yup it’s sad, yet true

Businesses should be allowed better tools so they can verify identities. I don’t think ID mandates should be employed to watch, purchase, or receive content, but if you’re going to enable people to make money with you on your platform, that’s tax data.
All that info has to be verified and tracked somewhere.

I think OF could have done a much, much better job here. I only hope it doesn’t blow over and renew calls for regulation and censorship.


I think someone needs to make clear to the young people posting sex videos or sexts, whether minors or adults, that these videos or pictures are likely to come back and bite them later in life.

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Children aren’t morons, they can get around the provisions. Remember these kids are determined enouph too set up an account so I doubt you could stop them.

The best way to sop them is good parenting.

True, but they don’t always understand the ramifications of their actions.

Exactly, they’re inexperienced and lack knowledge, but aren’t stupid, so education is the most effective way to keep them from making those decisions.

It is impossible to make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious. - Robert Heinlein

If you make your system more idiot-proof, the idiots will build a bigger idiot. - Anonymous

This was about getting past the verification. I’m anti contact, and not even a pedophile.

Explain how then. And “I don’t know” is not and answer.

Actually it is. More people need to admit when they don’t know something. But, I know that no system can ever be perfect. If you make it too stringent, you wind up blocking legitimate users. If too easy, you get kids. There is a balancing act needed and an understanding that some will find a way around.

I want an explantion on what you would do or propose because if you cant, its just a fantasy land proposal. There are some security measures in place, and I dont think that they can go any farther without creating bigger problems.

“But their verification is nowhere good enough, thats all I know.”

How do you know that? I want evidence not claims.

“One of them was using a passport from an older person. It’s so obvious that it’s FAKE”
So you kind off destroyed your own premise because they got arround your security methods, exactly what i said would happen.

“also we should also start requiring birth certificates a well.”
Fake birth ceritificate its not hard, also why would you want to give a porn site that information.

I don’t want to give YouTube this information, let alone a porn site.

I don’t propose to do anything. I just commented on the statement “I don’t know is not an answer.” It is an acceptable answer. A simple statement of limited knowledge in this area.

I actually have no idea what efforts are being made to verify accounts or what to do to improve it. I am going to assume (oh that word) that Only Fans and their lawyers will work out something that government regulators can live with. Otherwise, they will be shut down.

Extremely easy to delete and bypass.