Three top priority volunteer roles in 2023

Hi everyone,

As some of you know already, Prostasia will be announcing its new Executive Director in May and in the lead-up to their appointment, it would be helpful if we could fill some key positions to help make their job easier. These are just a few of the positions listed in our role documentation document:

  1. Intake Coordinator. Our intake coordinator staffs our primary email and snail mail inboxes and our phone number. They answer basic questions and direct more complicated enquiries to the appropriate person. Apply here.

  2. Membership Officer. The Membership Officer is responsible for cultivating and growing our membership base. They send welcome letters to new members and create accounts for them on our forum and website. They publicize and promote membership through our social media and newsletter channels. They work with the Merchandise Officer and Events Officer to provide and promote membership benefits. They also write targeted emails to members and small donors and work with the SEO Specialist to track conversions. Apply here.

  3. Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter Editor commissions or writes one lead article, one other feature piece or article, and a review to comprise our newsletter, which should ideally be sent monthly. In addition, all content published on our website since the previous newsletter was published will be featured. Selected old newsletter articles will also be submitted to the Blog Editor for publication in the “From the newsletter archives” blog series. Apply here.

Volunteers typically give us up to about 10 hours per week of their time. You do not need to publicly identify yourself. If you cannot volunteer but know someone else who might be interested, please forward them a link to this post. Thanks for all your support.