Well looksie here

You have become the very thing you swore to destroy


Last sentence is just sad and inhumane.


that mindset always does more harm than good. i prostituted myself at 14 to get money for chemical castration, its a very harmful mindset.


I don’t see the problem?


Me neither (filler words)

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You can still believe that it is innately evil to think about children sexually

not taking a hardline stance against stigma and thus enabling abuse against us, for the sake of respectability

there is nothing good to come of pedophilia

erasing the experiences of many of us, for the sake of respectability

if it could be eliminated with a pill, it should be

denying pedophiles our bodily autonomy, and completely erasing the fact that many of us do not want the god damn pill, for the sake of respectability


I think pedophilia is ok. It took me a lot to accept myself. Being a pedophile is ok, great even. Offending is not ok. Those two things are not the same to me. This post makes me mad because it calls us viscerally disgusting.

I guess it’s a necessary evil when dealing with the public’s perception of MAPs?

Idk. sigh


It is NOT necessary. Certain people are just cowards.


I changed the FAQ document to delete the offending quotes, but please remember that Prostasia is not a MAP rights organization. Fighting bigotry against MAPs is not our core issue.


Thank you. But I think it’s important to remember that you’re a child abuse prevention organization. That includes preventing abuse against minor MAPs, one of the most marginalized demographics out there, with the least institutional support. You’re a sex-positive pro-bodily-autonomy organization. That means being against forced psychiatric intervention against harmless neurodivergences.

It doesn’t have to be a core issue. It does mean you shouldn’t actively cause harm against us, and it means we are significant enough in your advocacy (as part of your mission, because we are) that you shouldn’t throw us under the bus at the slightest opportunity.



The ultimate goal of any child safety organization should be the elimination of pedophilia by all means necessary.

As terminus said, Prostasia is not a MAP rights organization and MAP’s are not oppressed.

Tell me you haven’t done any research on minor attractions without telling me you haven’t done any research on minor attractions



The ultimate goal of any child safety organization should be the elimination of pedophilia by all means necessary

Whoa. This is what we’re dealing with? That is incredibly offensive and obtuse.


go fuck yourself [filler words]

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Eliminating a minority group by any means necessary because you blame societal problems on them seems familiar…


Hey, at least those uniforms were classy af.


The goal of child protection organisations should be the elimination of abuse, by humane means.

Go ahead and tell people you’re a MAP, see how long you have a home, job, and life.


As an autistic person, I have thoughts about that last sentence. There are people that say that if we could “cure autism” with a pill we should. Well, as an autistic person I do not want that because 1. I like who I am, 2. Being autistic isn’t bad or something to be ashamed of (admittedly, this is something that took some time to learn and accept!), and 3. being autistic means your brain grew & developed a different way, meaning to “cure” it you would have to “regrow” the brain, which means that I would be a different person – and I like the person that I am.


What am I looking at? I feel like a dog that’s been shown a card trick. Pedophilic disorder is a crime that deserves the full extent of the law, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.